2663 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V

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I have lived here at this location for over a month now. I personally have had no issues with bed bugs and thank goodness!!! I love the bdlg and the superintendent is fantastic! The rent is priced amazingly well for the location. The bdlg is older so it isn't in perfect condtion but they are constantly upgrading and updating units as well as performing general maintenence throughout. Overall, I am very satisfied with this building and my unit. Most everyone in the building is also very ple


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I reported bed bugs to management. I captured about 6-8 of them and showed them to the Property Manager. He identified them as Bed Bugs and called the exterminators right away. The are coming this week to spray my apartment.

I asked him and the person that does a lot of the renovations here. They both said that there have been a few instances within the building. A man that passed away was infested and a lady on the 4th floor is also getting sprayed thursday.

I am lucky to have a very mi

ld case, but I am still not sleeping well.

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I am living on this location for three monthe. the biulding is under balcony renovation. the carpet on hall way is very dirty and smell bad. The toronto healthe department and city of Toronto should do some thing now. The condition of this biulding is in a very bad condition. thank you

I have had no incidents of bed bugs at this location. I have seen the odd cockroach in the laundry room but haven't seen any throughout the building. I have been living at this location for 2 months now. New Superintendent is very proactive if anything is wrong with your unit.

aleast 5 unit have reported bed bugs and mangment not doing much about it

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