25th St
Toronto, ON M8V

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Years 2013-2014 - Management is the same for all three buildings 80, 90 and 100. Poor management. Dont seem to care for the health and welfare of the tenants. All the accounts noted on this page relating to these buildings are true. Many different kinds of bug infestations exist in these buildings both right outside the entrance and inside entrance, laundry rooms and apartment units. From different size spiders to centipedes, millipedes, sowbugs. Freaks me out every day, when I get up or when I

come home from work or when Im sitting down watching TV. Totally creeps me out! I moved the hell out there after my lease was up on 2014!

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There have been about 4 different types of bugs in the apartment on 90 25th street. There have been cockroaches, house centipedes, earwigs and now bed bugs.

There is very very minimal support from managment for the issue. Not sure if any of the tenants have even been notified of the issue at hand.

90 25th Street Apartments: Cockroaches! Lots of Cockroaches and possibly other bugs + There was recently a fire in the boiler room do to bad wiring.

There have been multiple cockroach's in the 90 25th Street apartments. They have repeatedly been found in common room areas and they are in the apartments. Management is poor and incompetent here and they do not sprat regularly and is a repeating problem for multiple units.

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