2355 Lake Shore Blvd W
Toronto, ON M8V

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Bird mites were never present, the stress brought on by lack of sleep and the bed bug infestation and many roaches may have caused me to overreact. Managment did however react immediatley to the bed bugs, but so far to no avail. I strongly reccomend not moving here anyways, due to the fact that only tenants who talk to managment get treated

So I reported the last comment, but wanted to add that in addition to bedbugs, there are bird mites do not ever move here, or you will contemplate suicide, if not for constant crawling feelings, or you pets health, then for the amount of money you will need to keep these pests away(which isnt easy and unlikely)

I have lived here over a month now, and we are infested with bed bugs. when moving here management lied and told us they never had the problem! Not cool at all. But acting fast t hey called the exterminator. We have to pay for storage bags and caulking etc, so far gonna be expensive and i dont have that kind of money. Dont move here!

I moved in about two weeks ago(june 1st 2012), i have an air mattress and still i wake up with small bites on my back, inner thighs and arms. The second or third day i was cleaning out the bedroom in order to unpack and noticed a bed bug on the wall. When i smooshed it, it exploded all over the wall. It was the only one i saw but the bites on myself and brother are telling me its them. I steam cleaned the whole apartment before unpacking as well, and didnt notice bites until a few days after tha

t. I have never had bed bugs before and i am not enjoying the experience. i will tell management today.

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I live here and the bed bugs are out of control. Management eventually sprays individual units when you bother them enough, but that really doesn't do anything since they are all over the building - they come back after a few weeks.. It's disgusting. I will have to move with NOTHING since they are all over the apartment. Worst decision I've ever made was moving here. I'll have lost everything I have ever bought. Cockroaches galore as well. Place should be condemned and destroyed.

um i live there and have not seen any bed bugs ever have been here 14 months i agree the staff here super suck but i really hope you are wrong about the bed bugs how do you know this is true please explaine, thank you.

There are bedbugs everywhere in this building. the first and second floors are infested and the managemnent don't care, lie about it, and do little to fix it. People have had o throw out everything they own and these people in the office don't give a rats ass.

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