147 8th St
Toronto, ON M8V

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I was lived at 143 8th st for one year.

"Please do not movie in this apartment."

If you move in you can see all kind of bugs
Especially B-E-D B-U-G... I was always bitten
Multiple spot on whole my body that is really make me
I had informed to superintendent every time they just
Sprayed and then infestation over and over again...
That office manager always lying just laziness.
in addition, they never had movie-in inspection only
Have move-out inspection so, When you move

out you
never get back your last month rent.
'What a crook'

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the building is sworn with bedbugs every where... management came and sprayed 7 times but nothing has been effected.. mice is another story.. even my cat was scared of them because they were huge and big mice which i needed a broom to kill them and not a trap would do the job.

The neighbour upstairs I could hear him snoring and having sex... every time he moves I could hear his foot steps because the building structor is too old.

Dog pee every wh

ere inside the hallways.. and management is just the worse... Can't wait for lease to be over so I could move out and throw all my stuff here for them..

Had a person with a gun threaten to kill me if I don't turn my TV down how ever it was the neighbour next door, and he was too drunk to realize where the noise is coming from..

My car was keyed every where cost me a paint job to fix it..


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Saw couple in my living room. Called landlord and they came and sprayed it 3 times and now I do not see them any more...

July 18th 2011

Seen one bug on shower curtain during shower. Checked bed and found none. Likely came up from plumbing will be using some of that white powder to make sure they dont get to bed.

I called Public Health. They gave me some pamphlets. Landlord sprayed but it hasn\\\'t worked.

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