240 Durie St
Toronto, ON M6S

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240 Durie street
December 9 2014
I live in the building and have never actually had any bedbugs or issues. They recently (within the last month) came in to my suite for an inspection and treated the entire building as a precaution but personally can say I have never had them. I feel like whoever gets them brings them into the building (ie if you buy a used mattress ect)

Lived there last year and had a TERRIBLE time with bed bugs. Asked for help from the management group to little avail. They did basic treatment of just my unit!!!!

I live in this building and now have bedbugs. Other people in the building have had problems with these before but it was never fully taken care of. Waiting to see how management responds to my problem.

Boyfriend lives there, and the building has them!

One person moved in and out within 2 months!!! They are really hard to get rid of b/c the whole buiolding is carpeted, and the individual units 2. The landlord s tried to treat the building, but it sure isn't taking. Trying to get bf to ditch his stuff & move in w/ me or a friend!!!

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