470 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto, ON M6R

Found 6 reports:

I have seen 3 bed bugs in the hallway today on the 3rd floor near unit 35.
This place is also crawling with insects. It seems the insects are coming up from under the carpet - I'm sure there are bug nests.

Would not recommend this place to anyone.

Bed bugs confirmed here. Also, various other insects spotted. I have seen a few roaches as well.
On top of that, the building smells like smoke, management gives tenants hard time, and the floors are extremely thin and produce lots of noise. Extremely old building with many cracks perfect place for bugs to hide.
Would not recommend this place to anyone.

I'm looking into moving into this apartment building. Are there currently any issues or reports that are recent?

I am also looking at these apartments. Any current bed bug info would be great.

Any new encounters at this building? I am looking to move in. Any info would be great! Thank you!

Had bed bugs, lots, identified and sprayed for by landlord, also had fleas from previous tenant. Moved out soon after.

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