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I have been living in this building on the 4th floor for about 3 years. I've had a mild issues with roaches but the management team takes care of it right away. It has never been severe enough for me to request that my apartment get sprayed. I have noticed that some of my neighbours have gotten sprayed and that is usually when I noticed roaches appearing in my unit more frequently.
When I first moved in I would see about 10 roaches a week, now I see maybe 0-1 a week.

Overall the rent is gre

at and the location is decent so I would reccomend anyone on a tight budget move in.

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Why are you submitting a report for this building when you lived there almost 10 years ago? Idiot.

Heard of bedbugs on the upper floors when I lived there between 2002-2006. Lived in a bachelor on the 5th floor, had no problems there. But one of the basement apt's had bad Pharoah ant infestation. I told Bernice and didn't get it treated, she actually suggested sprinkling pepper on tables and around food. Hit and miss there, loved that old building now that that intersection cleaned up, but it's a crap shoot.

Don't rent here. I have lived there for three years and presently going through a bed bug outbreak this is a total desrespect of the land lord tenant act. Nobody should be living like this .

Have twice seen bedbugs in laundry room in the last month. Widespread problem in building. Landlord does nothing - nonresponsive. Has anyone been able to get it professionally sprayed and paid for - or a rent abatement? They just keep sending the custodian with a residential spray (that has not been approved for bedbug use). Custodian does not know how to handle chemicals and only treats the floor - very ineffective. Poor building maintenance.

i live across the street from this building and every single week people are throwing out couches. i am pretty sure they have bed bugs. the landlord is also my old landlord and he does not take care of his apartments. he sprays when you tell him but hes not eliminating the problem by only spraying one unit at a time. the entire building needs to be sprayed at once. several times.

I had lived in a unit on the second floor. This would be a nice building if someone took care of it.

I asked if there was a bug issue upon moving in (April 2009). The landlord said no.

When I first got access to the unit I noticed that it seemed like someone went through the unit killing cockroaches. I remember one was squished inside the fridge, and another one was swimming in the toilet.

When I lived in the unit I taped up all the open sockets to prevent bugs from coming in. I cleane

d religiously under the fridge and stove with bleach, and inside the cupboards. I kept roach bait around which controlled the situation, but they still kept coming, and I had to keep on top of killing off potential breeding grounds.

Because I kept my bed and futon couch in a mattress protector the bed bugs seemed kept mostly at bay, but they did come out to feed at night. I got several bites. The bedbug issue spread to my work place.

The landlords are complacent, lying jerks. When I went to move out they refused to give me back last months rent even though someone moved in right after I left.

The superintendent is a total moron who one day went around "spraying" with a chemical substance. I am thinking it was to get rid of the roaches but they never even told anyone. But they sprayed all over the building and in units without telling anyone. Yes the superintendent will go in your unit whenever they feel like it. My neighbour caught the guy in his unit looking at his collection of war medals.

don't ever move to this building. The city of Toronto should never allow these living conditions to exist. Affordable rent shouldn't be a health hazard.

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November 2011- Jan 2012
When I first looked at the place it seemed a little sketchy because it was an old building, but I liked the "charm" of it. I had previous experience with bed bugs ( never knew what they looked like) in student houses a year ago and asked the landlord if there were any. He said no. Moved in November- scrapes on floor, very thin walls, a few cockroach evidence here and there but I'm not picky so I didnt care. Its when the bed bugs came out at night- even during the day. Go

t so many bites- even got my eye and it was swollen for days. They came out of the sockets, the many cracks in the walls- just everywhere! Could never sleep. When I gave up the battle it was time to move out. Landlord did not answer phone and was no where to be seen. When he confronted me about not paying my rent I told him I'm out there bed bugs etc- He tried to blame ME on bringing them in! Seriously do not rent here- the price is cheap but is not worth it in the end. Serious bed bug infestation. On top of that- upon knowing of the infestation- landlord shows apt to potential tenants immed. after.

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Bedbugs present 2011.

had the bugs in 2008. it was long and terrible ordeal to get rid of them..but knock on wood its been a year and a half and we havent had them back.

I saw a small round bug crawling across my bed sheet and ran out to get a mattress protector.

I came fro 56 Maitland Street and have never had a problem there with bed bugs. The problems there had only seemed to affect the upper floors. I also got a brand new mattress once I moved to 1621. I'm concerned my couch may get infested.

Ikea sells mattress protectors.

September/October 2008. Apt. 16- noticed bedbug stains on sheets and saw one but had no idea what it was, thought it was a tiny beetle. After a friend slept over a week ago and complained about bites I researched and it is definitely bedbugs, am going to try some natural insecticides like Neem Oil, washing everything in hot water, filling up cracks near windows and baseboards (there are a lot of them). Caught a live one and found two dead ones so far... am also steaming carpet, mattress, have se

aled mattress and box spring in vinyl. very irritating and embarrassing problem I'm curious to hear what the property owners have to say.

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for the last few months i found the bed bugs
the landlords wont do anything about it or talk about it..

its costing so much to repleace my furniture..

I noticed them last summer, seemed I had caught it early and they were only living in my bedframe and not in any other furniture. Researched all the methods on how to get rid of them: washing the bedframe, putting the legs in buckets of water, putting the mattress in a micro-allergenic dust slip/cover,not letting the bed touch the walls, washing all my clothing and bedding. I even sealed up all the cracks in my bedframe with tape. It took a few months but was finally fairly certain they were gon

e. Hadn't seen any signs for months, but now I saw one last night, and did an inspection today, and guess what? yep, they're back. Just not sure what to do. The building is obviously infested, and even if the landlords were interested in fumigation, how could you, realistically, evacuate a six-story apt. building for the time it would take to get the job done? Should I toss the old bedframe, buy a new one (which I can't afford) and then cross my fingers and hope the little f**kers don't come back? I could move, but what are the chances that the next place I move to gets infested? I dunno, I'm really really frustrated.

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we had them all summer last year. eventually in the winter they started to move on to other apartments.

i am sure they will be back. i had to miss work as it got so bad that my eye was bitten and swelled up..went to the doctor thinking it was a spider bite..she looked at my legs and said "bedbugs". then i found one under my pillow.

we still have them, as i can find the black left overs from them...but our landlords are not interested in eliminating them.

majority of people who have ha

d them in this building have moved out...so i imagine they have started to spread around the city more.

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I am dying here at 1621 Queen St. Toronto.

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