1602 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M6R

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I rent a room from landlord but my experience with tenant was very scarey the guy is very creppy who live there if you are a woman it is not the place I do not have choice the guy would expose him self to you he is mental he take your mail .

Jan 9 2010.
I went to see the "rooms" for rent in the back of this building. (On the first floor, behind a bicycle repair shop). It was, first of all, a complete tenement (filthy, etc), however I'm a poor student so I still considered renting there.

I asked the landlord if there were bedbugs. At first he made it seem as though he didn't understand, then he stated that there was a "little bit" of a problem with bedbugs! I got right out of there.

I have to commend the landlord for informing

me upon request that there were bedbugs though! He could very easily have said no and made my life hell. Needless to say, I didn't move in.

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