158 Marion St
Toronto, ON M6R

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I`m not sure what the condition of the house is now, but I lived in this building from 2005-2007, and there was never a problem with bedbugs.

It is unfortunate to say, but I would believe that someone would have had to have brought them there. There were none when I lived there.

That`s really a shame. If the owner is still a little old Polish lady, I am sorry for her.

If it`s someone else, clearly the tenant screening didn`t go so well.

The whole house is infested with bed bugs and the landlady won't spray , she blames the tenants, you have to keep pestering her to spray, then she blames you personally for bringing the bed bugs in and will scapegoat and victimize a tenant.

She will even slander you to neighbours telling them you are the only one with bed bugs and you brought them in to the house. That is a lie because the tenants we all know each other, and tell each other we have bed bugs, and they have told me they have

bed bugs and have told me they have told her they have them, so her telling others I am the only one with them is a complete lie and slander on her part.

Her telling a neighbour who is a good friend that I brought them in is another lie because I know another tenant who has lived in the house for over 3 years, who told me the bed bugs have been in the house for atleast 3 years that she knows of, that she has lived here, and I have only lived here for 2, so how is it possible that I brought them in, if the bed bugs have been here for 3 years?

Also saying my cleaning is the reason they are here, anyone educated in bed bugs knows lysol wont kill them in a multi unit dwelling they will just travel around to unsprayed portions of the house- since she refuses and is to cheap to spray the whole house like she should and Public Health is to slow and unresponsive to make her spray the whole house ! Its a nightmare taking up all my time and every once of energy I have

She yells at tenants as well, and will enter their unit with her key without giving 24 hrs notice. She will show up at the unit door without any notice, sometimes knocks, and if the tenant replies, don't enter right now, she goes along and enters anyway with her key, barges right in. Sometimes she barges into the unit without even knocking and with no notice at all.

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Summer 2010/ Summer 2011

This is an old house made into a sort of rooming house with multiple units (apartments and a main floor with rooms, it is infested. the whole building, but the landlady is not cooperative, she is very rude, and blames the tenants, and in summer 2010 has sprayed unit by unit when and if people complain, so they just run around to unsprayed units, alot of tenants don't speak english so can't speak up for themselves, her english isn't good itself so there are many barrie


This summer she has flat out refused to spray at all, and they came back because she didn't spray the whole building last year and they never really went away because of that even though the pest control company reccomended to her in front of me that she do the whole building and halls she replied " I don't have the money" that is not our problem we pay the rent, by law she must but doesn't.

I ended up having to call Public Health, and it is still not resolved, it has been hell, I want to move as soon as possible, there are many vulnerable people living in this area and it is shameful what she does, the building is freezing in winters, she is rude, and yells at tenants for slamming doors that slam by themselves behind you, because they were installed wrong because she is to cheap to install them correctly, the house needs major renoavating that she is also to cheap to do, if you can't manage a house right because you don't have the money to do it, then DONT DO IT, she is always rude , I can't stand living here, i am paranoid of bringing the bed bugs into my new place in my clothes and things and am going to have to go through hell laundering everything and moving.

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