132 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto, ON M6R

Found 2 reports:

It would seem that this report was placed by a tenant who moved in with a one year lease, stayed for 6 months, and then decided to move out.
1. The tenant moved into a 6-unit complex with no bed bug history for 20-plus years (the oldest tenant in the complex will vouch for this)
2. The subject unit is in the middle level of a three-storey structure. Tenant below, above or to the side have no bug complaints.
3. Complained of bedbugs within 2 month of moving in - claimiong was being bit

ten by bugs for over a month.
4. Landlord paid for chemical treatment not only to the suspect unit (for two applications since bugs were still present after first), but the entire 6-unit complex.
5. About 3 months later, the same tenant claimed that bed-bugs were back again. No one else in the complex had reported any bug problems.
6. Landlord offered the tenant to leave if they found the place unlivable, even though they still had 6 months remaining on the lease. Tenants did move out.
7. Landlord has re-treated the unit again for bugs - even though no evidence of bugs were found - upon the tenant vacating the premises.

Feel free to draw your conclusions as to who was responsible for introducing the bugs (repeatedly) to the complex and, if providing professional treatment for all units (within 2-3 weeks of first report - even those without bug sightings - constitutes what the previous reporter claims "Landlords uninterested in solving problem according to best practise recommendations".

see full report...

Bed bugs 3 times within a 1 year time frame. Landlords uninterested in solving problem according to best practise recommendations.

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