117 Grenadier Rd
Toronto, ON M6R

Found 2 reports:

multiple reports have been filed with medical officer of health for Ontario, public health department Toronto (Re: Irene) landlord tenant board Ontario, files exist for these residence since year 2000, Property owner is under multiple court proceedings in these regards

Columbus Ave, Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario M6R
Units # 11, #11a , #13 #13a Columbus Ave, Toronto
houses owned by one slumlord, when i find more of the file i will post.

Jun 2008 until we moved out in September.

I was bitten repeatedly, I would wake up with 10 to 20 new bites daily. We had the place fumigated 3 times but there was no getting rid of the bugs. The landlord also refused to pay for any of the treatments saying that it is not his responsibility and we should find a less expensive way to handle it.

I threw out all my furniture, put all my clothes in the freezer for a month and got the hell out of there!

No nearby bug reports