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10 years ago i spend about 18 weeks with lynda. It was a great time. yo habala espaniol ahora tambien, mi esposa es dominica, gracias para lynda's esposo (el es cubano) yo vamo mutible ves a la sud americano. saludos para los dos, felice navidad y un buen nuevo ano! Roger

i too had bed bugs now they are renovating the place.
It was a dump compared where I live it was a place

Moved in July 2011 into the basement apartment. Lynda is the owner of the house. The apt was partly furnished with a futon couch (had a cover on it) and two ikea end tables and a just build glass/wood coffee table. It also had a TV, TV stand and a book shelf. The closet had it's own dresser and a wooden organizer type thing.

After being there 60 days my bf and I found 5 bedbugs on the futon. Immediately we told Lynda. After investigating the futon it was apparent that it was infested. I didn

't have any furniture and hardly brought anything with me other than clothes and kitchen appliances. She suggested that I brought them, but after looking at the futon you could clearly see that they were in there for a VERY long time. In between the rungs were black, from all their secretion. It was so gross.

She took a week to find the right place to fumigate, and quickly set it up. The futon was done, my new bed was investigated and so far, so good. There have been two treatments downstairs and I haven't had any other issues. The futon was dismantled and we threw it out. The rest of the furniture was checked and everything is good.

Thankfully she took action and took care of it, she also says she fumigated her floor as well. This is one case where the landlord took action and took care of it. Thank you Lynda.

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