66 Oakmount Rd
Toronto, ON M6P

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66 Oakmount has a real problem. And yes it's on the 12th floor. Minto was actually NOT forthcoming in warning people but only did so if you mentioned it or complained. The tenant on the 12th floor had to throw out everything. It cost her thousands of dollars and Minto cared not at all!! The tenant moved out and lost pretty much all her furniture, clothing and personal effects. Lets not forget to mention the severe illness contracted because of an allergy to the bites.

Earlier in the year, a unit on the 9th floor had bedbugs. I found out because it was my neighbour's unit, she came and told me. To Minto mgmt credit, I received a notice immediately informing me that a neighbour had bed bugs and a pest control company would be entering my unit to inspect my suite also for bed bugs. The pest company came in and inspected my unit (pulled up all my linens and set sticky traps around the bed frame). No bed bugs were found in my unit and none ever appeared, but I'm h

appy that Minto was proactive in following correct protocol of notifiying me and checking the adjacent units for bed bugs as soon as the issue was identified at my neightbour's place.

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don't speculate...i'd like to say something more definitive and about two words long...i came to this site to find out about actual cases and how they were dealt with...not what someone maybe heard about maybe someone else on maybe the 12th floor

12th floor - maybe?

12th floor has them

No nearby bug reports