45 Oakmount Rd
Toronto, ON M6P

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Last year I was told the 10th floor two bedroom had them. It was a family with 3-4 kids. Management didnt advise anyone of this but the 10th floor. The bedbugs travel through pipes and gaps so its very likely and easy for them to climb up and down and to adjacent units. I see the pesticide truck every now and then, not sure if thats for roaches or bedbugs management wont say anything. The last article below me clearly comes from someone that has them....or is living very close and snug to them l


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There have been bedbugs on at least 4th, 5th, 6th and 11th. Management takes care of spraying and has been helpful, more or less BUT the key to really getting rid of them and avoiding them is education. Everyone in the building should be taught what to do.... caulking, no second-hand furniture, or check and/or steam clean it first, de-clutter, regular vacuuming; and, how to handle it if you get them. It's a very challenging process, you don't want to have the problem. So everyone could to do the

ir bit to protect themselves especially -- otherwise they will never be gone. The spraying kills them if they come in contact but if they don't they just run (and i mean they go fast) to another unit or floor. They can travel into a new location out the electrical sockets, the pipes, etc, etc. Nobody wants them or wants to admit they had them but they are turning up everywhere; rich or poor, clean or not, they do not care! Forget the stigma, ask questions, educate yourself, prevention, prevention, prevention! FYI - I think there is a new by-law requiring landlords to let prospective tenants know about bedbug problems. Not sure when it takes effect.

And I think Management had the right idea about informing people with the notice but I think it backfired. Maybe they didn't go far enough to insist people take notice and take action. Or let people in on where they were located in the building so tenants could take precautions, or, fair enough, move out.

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Management is lying about those few cases since I keep on seeing a guy every week spraying different apartment.

They don't want trouble and true is once bugs are in the building they are there forever ....

Most people is embarrass to talk about bugs since they are told that there are no reported cases in the building and only they have this problem !!!!

55 oakmount we just move in and faund out that there are cocoroches in the building.
Managment react and sparayed only our apartment and very next dau guess what did I see in the kichen again .....cocoroches plus I saw some in the basement close to laundry room too so now what ???

February 2009

Bedbugs in units on the 4th floor. Management put up a notice saying there had been 5 cases reported in the past year in the building. Upon discovery of the problem we decided to move out. Landlord refused to return a deposit, saying we gave a short notice.

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