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June 08,2011

At first, i get bites that i did not know im already starting to encounter bed bugs every night. Day by day i keep noticing new bites and still didn't care less until i get 10 bites at a time on one spot in my right leg. Then, I began to research online about bed bugs and other parasites inside a house until i discovered that these bites are actually coming from bedbugs. i compared my bites to the pictures i googled which are exactly alike.Weeks after, its just not me getting the

se horrible bites but, also my younger siblings 15 and 5 years old even my mom gets them but not as much as us. So we began steaming and vacuuming and do whatever we can to get rid of these pests unluckily we still keep getting bites every night we sleep in our own room. I believed the whole house is infected big time and were still currently facing this situation.In addition to that i think the house needs a renovation or something because our house is full of cracks where bedbugs can actually hide.

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