2907 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6P

Found 1 report:

The superintendent and the landlord of this apartment are absolute slumlords. It's completely infested with roaches, the garbage is kept inside uncovered at the bottom of the stairs, which is right over the last apartment in the building.

On top of that, the neighbours allege (I'm going to try to give the landlord the benefit of the doubt here, it's hard) that they told the landlord a month before I found out, that they had bedbugs.

I'd gone to them to speak about the roach problem, but

apparently they had a much bigger problem, as the roommate proceeded to show me his pock marked arms, and an empty becel container of dead bedbugs.

Needless to say the landlord, DG insists he knew nothing about the bedbugs.

Stay Away From This Place.

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