2881 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6P

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Located at 15 Cottage Street Norwood, MA 02062 2nd Floor
Jen Murray
63 Maple St
Norwood MA 02062-2160
United States


Jen Murray
63 Maple St
Norwood, MA 02062-2160
United States
[email protected]

This woman is a scam artist, a thief, and a psychopath. Avoid her and her scam business if you don't want to get ripped off! She owes me $2500!

I used to live here and as the previous post stated bedbugs are not an issue here but the restaurants downstairs.....cockroaches are the BIG ISSUE here, DO NOT MOVE IN TO THIS BUILDING. I found this bugs everywhere all the time but mainly in the kitchen, what is worse is that despite trying to be so clean and not leaving a single plate sitting in the sink for hours I would always find one or two or more running around....even in the drawers where I kept my kitchen utensils, spoons, forks...consi

dering they were clean and then to see that roaches would be just walking around them was just disgusting...... all the freaking time. Not to mention that sometimes you would find them even in the toilet hiding, so there you go, not able to pee or... as comfortable as you would like cause maybe one would be there.

At some point I got used to live with them , but then when having people over I was so embarrassed to live in this condition and friends telling me how disgusting that is.......

This really doesn't seem to be a problem for other tenants? I have no idea... Landlord never helped, never cared. They dont care about the issue cause they are fully aware that the restaurants downstairs are the main problem and the reason why the building is infested......

The neighbourhood is lovely but this building is the most disgusting you would ever find... Keep in mind this is only ONE of the few issues you will have to deal with if you decide to move in., Im not disclosing the other reasons cause has nothing to do with bugs.. but they are indeed big enough to put your health at risk......PLEASE LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE....

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While I haven't encountered bed bugs during my tenancy in this building, the cockroach situation is out of control. There are two popular restaurants under the residential apartments, which seems cool, until you realize all the roaches they attract will be spending most of their time in your apartment. I'm pretty sure the insufficient garbage disposal situation is a big factor in the proliferation of insect pests-- come check out the back alley on Sunday afternoon to see what I mean.


the severity of the infestation, the landlord has not, to my knowledge, taken any kind of aggressive action to address the situation. They did bring an exterminator into our apartment upon our request, but the roaches travel easily from one unit to another through holes cut in the walls to accommodate the radiator system. So no matter how vigilant you may be, the roaches will be back in greater numbers than you imagined. Furthermore, the introduction of the radiator pipeline expressway has introduced the pests to our bedroom and living room. I now often find the roaches crawling in our bed-- I guess that makes them a kind of bed bug.

We are moving to get away from the infestation. This neighbourhood is fantastic and there are far too many other places to live. Don't let this be your new home.

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