22 Sarnia Ave
Toronto, ON M6P

Found 6 reports:

Stay very far away from this property.

All kinds of bugs from problem tenants in upper units. Landlord is difficult to work with and would rather save money than take care of problem in its entirety.

If you like a clean, quiet place to live, you will NOT find it at 22 Sarnia Avenue.

Tenants in upper unit when viewing other units claimed there was a problem but it was taken care of last year. Whole house has other pest issues and landlord does nothing! BEWARE!

I am a tenant at 22 Sarnia Ave and there are no bed bugs so I don't know who's posting this stuff. It does not sound like the person lives there, they just heard. Well hear this. I am a tenant and there are no bed bugs who ever you are. Stop posting false information. Thats very disrespectfull. I hear you have bed bugs, I mean who says this as an actaul report.

June 13, 2011. A tenant at 22 Sarnia Ave has just informed me that they have "lots of bed bugs." I have no idea what steps the house has taken to get rid of the bed bugs.

As of October 2010 there have been no bugs

We just moved in to the first floor apartment here. After the first night we had some bites but didn't think much of it. The second night I woke up to something biting me, grabbed and caught it, and saw that it was a bed bug. The guy upstairs says that he had them. September 3, 2010.

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