200 Keele St
Toronto, ON M6P

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Please be careful if you use diatomaceous earth!!! It can cause silicosis. Please read more online about it, it can be dangerous to your lungs' health. It's not just toxic for the BBs... I truly hope your BB problems are resolved soon!!!

We have found them in our unit- and they are being treated saturday Nov 20th 2010. They were treated in 2 other units this summer (2010), but it is unknown at this time if any other units have them. The landlords are fast to book a pest control company to address an infestation but have failed to inspect the entire property at this time. They are a row of 15 townhouses. A lovely property and location with great neighbors but be cautious of this and take precautions with mattress covers, diat

omaceous earth etc. and an inspection when possible.

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