890 Jane St
Toronto, ON M6N

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They have bed bugs and a ROACH INFESTATION throughout the entire building! They use the cheapest spray when they apparently spray the buildings. They do not take care of the units only clean part i have seen was the lobby. The heater in my apartment is infested with them.

This last report is completely false the managers here do everything in their power to help. Apart from doing YOUR laundry. The list provided was to ensure the spray being done can be done properly. I can't see how on earth anyone could be so ignorant. If you still have bugs after the spray it's completely your own fault for not being ready. The company always give notice weeks in advance for upcoming sprays so nobody is caught off guard. I firmly believe that the person who wrote that last repo

rt most likely has a problem with the management company probably stemming from missed rent payments, NOT PESTS! Come on there is no point in making up stories. It's weird and extremely immature. If you don't like living in this beautiful building just move. You would be happier and I'm sure it would just improve upon the already great building we live in. So why don't you just do us all the favour.

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Hi, I currently live at 890 jane st and been here for three years now. I did not know what bed bugs were until I moved into the building. I have lost all my bedroom furniture and my sons bedroom furniture. I refuse to pay for new bedroom furniture while I live here so we all sleep on blow up matresses. I see bed bugs in the halls as well as in my apt. Right up to and including yesterday. I steam my walls and floor weekly in order to not b eatin up alive. I have contacted the landlords before and

they are no help at all. All they did for me was provide a list of things I must do before they would enter my apt to "spray" for bugs. This list stated I was to wash all my towels/clothes/bed linen/furniture and I can't remember what else. It was going to cost a fortune to complete this list. When I asked if they were going help with this list they said no. Hmmmm so I am introduced to a nasty bug, ask for help...and all I got was a unacheivable list of thing to do.....and the building management NEVER came to my apt and did anything about the bed bugs!!!!

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Re: Anonymous on 11/20/2012

Why are you posting fake updates?

Maxine & Andy ALWAYS get to the root of the bug problem immediately... IF there is ANY.

Currently, 890 Jane Street is undergoing a revitalization and it is looking AMAZING!

Since closing off the garbage chutes, there have NOT been ANY bugs of ANY kind whatsoever. I commend Maxine and Andy for a SUPERB job they are doing... unlike those who are complaining about NOTHING!

If you are UNHAPPY about the situation, then DO so

mething about it but please, DON'T lie about it here knowing full well you will be pointed out in your FLAWS. Perhaps it is YOU that has the problem because you cannot keep your OWN unit clean...

A Proud tenant of 890 Jane Street!

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I have been living in this building for 4 moths now and i know of many apartments with bedbugs and cockroaches, they say that they will do something about it but they don't, many people have move, mostly because the superintendents Maxim and and Andy mostly are very nice until you have a complain in your apartment. Currently I've ask for a small fix in my apartment and it has been 3 weeks and their answer is that they are busy and they will come soon but they have not so far.

In regards to "Anon on 07/24/2012" and shall remain nameless, the reports on this address are NOT faked. You can get bedbugs, in some cases, severe, even in a HOUSE. Best of luck to you on that one!

I think the reports on this address are fake. I will not be renting any apartments in any buildings. I am looking for an apt in a HOUSE. Any bugs will be quashed immediately if they are found.

We're moving to 890 Jane Street in September 2012 (Suite 1011) and we know the landlords and Monterey Park. They used to run this building in Oshawa with excellent results. On the plus side, renovations is always ongoing with Monterey Park, to help make life better for its tenants. If you have a bedbug or cockroach problem, tell the landlord and they will rectify it within 48 hours! This building will be THE place to move to for anyone interested :)

I’ve been living at 890 Jane for over 10 years now…... I was at the point of moving out because of the bad management and slow response to bedbug issues from the past owner….. A company called Monterey Park took over the building sometime this year…. I’ve decided to stay because this new company got the bedbug issue under control… I love the quick response to my issues and all the new building improvements...

I’ve been living at this building for a few months now. I haven’t seen a single bed bug or heard about any from other tenants in the building. There is a lot of reno being done to the building by the new management. I’m glad I decided to move in to this building.

I moved into this building on May 9, 2012 and I am very happy here. The renovations are great. My apartment is huge and spacious. I have seen absolutely no bugs in my unit.

New management has come in and is completely revitalizing this building. My neigbour that had bed bugs forever, was on of the first one to be treated within days of the new management coming in and I haven't seen a single pest since. The building is being painted, all repairs are now being taken care of quickly!

September 22/11. A note was taped to my door stating thanks for the bringing the bed bugs. I have never had them, and I better not now. Super confirmed the report of bed bugs in building. Guilty party refused spraying.......

Bed bugs are invested in this building people are throwing a way mattress and funiture off there baclony stay away from 890 jane street date: june 10 2011

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