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I have not yet moved in. But whne I do and these bedbug stories are true, I will not stay for long. Perhaps out of courtesy will stay for 6 months to 1 year. But if worse comes to worse I will demand a transfer.

Why would I wait for a unit for 5 years and end up in a place where I will be bit by bedbugs, Roaches and stuff

It would be like coming out of a frying pan and falling into a fire..

Just thinking of it psychologically makes my skin .

If it ain't true .People stop scarring pe

ople who are trying to make aliving and live in a stable environment without moving every year

can some official tell us the truth.

I am tired about the scare mongers in this city.

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i wold like to change my earlier report please email me

just moved in less than a month ago, the movers moved my furniture in at 8pm and i got their at 9.30pm and in less than 10 minutes saw them crawling all over my stuff and I realized they were coming out of the outlets and the phone jack. ive been trying to get rid of them ever since, they infested my brand new $1000 couch ( which is now completely encased in garbage bags and duck taped) i got bitten alive for the first week and my eye was completely swollen shut ( I am allergic to the bites and

had to go to the doctor) I informed the building manager and he insisted that I brought them with me from my last apartment. I have since seen them coming up the bathtub drain ( killed at least 3 in the bathtub) out of the fan in the bathroom, and even in the elavators. this building haS A major infestation, and the management seems to be extremely innefective at resolving the problem and blames it on the tenants. I am very disappointed because this is subsidized housing and i really cannot move out. I have sealed up all my drains when not in use and duck taped whatever cracks I can visably see. My clothes are all on the balconey, some are hanging on my portable closet, and some are hanging on the pigeon mesh ( the closet was also infested) the manager of this building is a real jerk- dont move in here if you can avoid it. The health department was here last week so I hope they will force the management to get their lazy asses moving with this problem!!

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The only way we have been able to make it almost bearable is by using Diatomaceous Earth. But even so the bedbugs do not die instantaniously so one does get bit, and yes bedbugs are seen in the hallways.

Even in jail folks are not afraid to have people visit them! This existance is hellish.

Also the Diatomaceous Earth may not be as hazardous as the chemical sprays, but we do not know what breathing it in for years can do, as it was never used for this purpose before.

Years of not

getting proper sleep every night is extremely unhealthy and makes one spaced the next day while attempting to funtion on all cylinders, so what choice do we have?

Moving is not an option for many folks who live here. Stuck and depressed is an understatement.

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I have been sprayed and still get bit. I can some times even see the adults on my floor, doors, wall and bath tub. I don't have them on my bed as I changed it and put a nylon cover over it. You will even see them in our hall. The way I keep my place and not allowing anyone is another way I try to ensure i don't bring in any unwanted bugs since I don't know who does or doesn't have. I have been here about 1.5 years and this is how it is. A lot of people know they exist here but don't want to

do much about. The one time I told the previous superintendent about it his response was that everyone has them.

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