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Do not even attempt to rent an apartment in this place if I were you I wouldn't even step in the front door. Don't even get me started on the front door having no lock,no buzzers that work and carpets going 2 months at a time without being clean but this place has a serious bed bug problem. I find it interesting that so many comments are around the same time perhaps its gotten real bad recently? I've been here for 2 years and this problem has been reoccuring for the whole 2 years I finally had e

nough and am moving after this winter. The landlord should not be able to lie to us tenants! We pay rent and diserve to get it dealt with the prob will only get worse and u will need to spray anyways. Every apartment has them not just a few this is not an isolated problem landlord says its not an issue but has bug barrier powder sprinkled all infront of her door rigghhttt. I have been bit at least about 50 times and its not pretty, wake up with sheet spotted with blood. Have seen exterminators come but only spray 1 apartment u need to do all or the prob won't leave!! Haven't seen any other bugs other than them.

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I have been living here for over a year although I won't say which month I moved in but it was in 2011. Everything was fine until around oct 2011. My boyfriend started waking up with random blotches that would swell and itch and eventually scab over and scar. Since nothing was happening to me we had no idea what it was, went to see a dr who suggested it may be bedbugs. I was horrified although I hadn't started actually seeing anything til about jan 2012 I have seen a total of 4 the whole time I'

ve been here, told the super although she told me it wasn't possible because they had sprayed another apt a few months back and noone reported anything since. I hate to say it but she put blame on a new tenant that bought a used couch howeever this was a problem for years before this person moved in. I have spoken to several other tenants who have lived here a few years and they say its been going on for at least 3 years. Don't rent here since they obviously don't caree about anything, there are kids in the building and still they don't care. If one unit has them they all do! Word of advice for those reading who live here buy diatomaceous earth and put it all over the baseboards has worked for me haven't seen any in many months.

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Moved in Nov 1st found 1 bed bug Nov 2nd have been finding more and more ever susaguint day, was not informed about posable bed bug infestation when aplying land lord has had exturminator our 3 times so far and has them comming again tomorrow, but will not force inspections on other units in building and genrally doesnt care about the welfair of his tennant. DO NOT RENT HERE i have heared of at least 3 units with bed bugs so far and the half assed attempts at controling them seem more to be in t

he intrest of saving face with the landlord tenant bored then to actualy take care of the issue.

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a tenant brought in a used couch and got bed bugs. landlord scheduled a pest treatment which the tenant cancelled ans the bugs spread across the hall to us and infested our couches as well as our next dooe neighbours. landlord wont treat yhe whole building, reimburse for damages or do more than have people spray baseboards and dust furniture...FUN TIMES. i also have a 6 week old son and my fiance is allergic to their bites... request bug treatments and think twice before signing

a lease here... i am also the author if the first post for this address in regards to cockroaches. :/

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I've lived here on the 3rd floor since March 31st, 2012 and haven't seen anything other than a couple of spiders (like 3), and a house fly...until today...June 21st, 2012 I was in my kitchen and I saw something move underneath an empty tupperware container (my house is insanely clean and theres never food left out, ever). I looked closer and realized it was a fucking cockroach! It was about 5mm long and I could tell what it was by it's shape and disgusting antennas. I picked up the tupperware li

d to smack it but it ran away to fast and now I have no idea where it is. If you see one cockroach, that means there's definitely more somewhere else. Considering how small that one was, it probably means they're in the process of multiplying - fucking awesome because I'm due with my son in July, tied down to a lease until next March, and now we have a bug problem!

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