201 Weston Rd
Toronto, ON M6N

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The guy that made this story up was behind on the rent and is an idiot....NO BED BUGS HERE!

I live here. Never saw a bed bug. But, I did hear of one or two people conplain. The landlord sprayed all of the units and since then I havent heard a complaint.

This building is infested. We just moved out, and we are 1 of 6 units that have moved out in the last 2 months due to bed bugs. We didn't have them UNTIL after the first fumigation, which was this summer 2010 (we had lived in the building for 3 years).

One day we came home and there was a notice on the door from one of the tenants that said there was bed bugs in the building. We had never seen them or been bit, so didn't think much of it. But, the landlord had to have the entire building fumi

gated. We didn't even want our unit sprayed with those harsh chemicals, as we didn't have any bugs. But, it was after that when we found the first once we had ever seen. Sure enough, within 2 months, our unit had them everywhere. They were living in crevices in the brick walls. We were getting tons of bites. It was hell.

They sprayed the building a second time. But I don't think they used professional fumigators. They never even sprayed the walls.

They are still in that unit to this day. We saw some AS we were moving out. And the landlord/super is not telling prospective tenants that the building had/has them. When we moved out, there was another guy moving in and we told him and he couldn't believe it.

All we can say is we are glad we don't live there anymore!

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I live here there are no bed bugs. Clearly your an idiot. Dont ruin business for all of us because you cant afford your own rent. Way to stay anonymous.

Multiple Units have reported bedbug infestation. The landlord attempted to mitigate the problem by spraying the effected units on two occasions. Since that time almost all units have complained.

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