190 Woolner Ave
Toronto, ON M6N

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I was getting bitten at night, starting in february 2012, they were super itchy and left large welts. I sprayed the hell out of my couch and bedding, but I am still finding the odd bite.I have truoble sleeping now because of these little devils. they come in all sizes fron very small ( pin head ) to around the size of a thumbtack head. I wake up several times a night to check for them crawling around. Ive spent about 100 buck on sprays and vacuum constantly. with the warm winter it should be fun

. Thank the City for getting rid of the good cleaners we had before the morons started to outsource to the useless kids we have here now Thanks Mr. Ford. Hope you become infested as well. I am unemployed and cant go to interviews while scratching away. these bugs are relentless and now that I know what they look like I see them in the moving room and the lobby.they are in the elevators as well.

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This building has had problems with bed bugs as a matter of fact I had them in my apartment at the beginning of the year 2009. They have been reported in several units in the building yet they do not treat the whole building to eradicate them from the building at least. I has to buy all new furniture by the time it was finished. I find it unbelievable that people do not report them and live with them it is disgusting.

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