1500 Keele St
Toronto, ON M6N

Found 3 reports:

Many units in this building had bed bugs. The
Property mngmt took their time in fixing
The issue. Found out I had bed bugs after
6 mths of living there. I had specifically
Asked when I came to view the rental
If there was any cockroach or bed
Bug issue and I was advised no. About a month
After moving in, I went to the
Rental office to sort out getting
An additional parking spot. While waiting
I noticed a piece of paper tacked to a
Board which said "bed bugs" and about
5 or 6 apart

ment numbers listed with
Notes beside each apartment number. I
Couldn't read what it said by each apartment
Number as the writing was too small.
I did not say anything at that time as
I thought there was no point.

When my son & I started to get red bumps
6 mths after moving in, I knew what it was
(Or thought I did) and I went to the doctor.
The doctor confirmed they were indeed
Bed bug bites. I called mngmt & the lady
Was so rude & told me I was imagining
Things. When I confronted her on the
Paper I saw in her office 5 months back
She told me I was crazy & imagining things.
I was so upset to be insulted like this & to
Be denied any assistance from the building.
I called toronto public health & they had
To send out an inspector as the building
Was denying my claim. It took the intervention
Of Toronto Public health before the building
Had my apartment fumigated. I had to
Throw out mine and my sons mattresses,
Our pillows, our couch throw pillows and
2 area rugs. The building refused to assist
In the replacement of my mattresses (this was
The only thing I cared about!!) and I am
Currently taking them to small claims court.
See I am a single mother & it really hurt
Me financially to have to replace my
Mattresses. If the building would have
Fumigated right away when I first told
Them about the incident, then I probably
Would not have had to throw out my
Mattresses. But since I waited almost
3 months, the issue got really bad.

I no longer live here. I moved out in feb 2015. After this incident, the Property manager picked on me for every
Little thing & was making my life a living hell.
They also put up my rent $180/month after just
Living there one year. I spoke with the
Tenant board & was advised that since
They are a non-profit building they are
Not restricted by how much they can raise
The rent each year. They did this on purpose,
Who can afford that type of increase in one year?

Long story short......stay far away from this
Building. I also confirmed with 2 other tenants before leaving that they also had bed bug issues. One of them had them twice!!! BEWARE of 1500 Keele st

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Any bedbugs still?

On 2005 our apartment at 1500 Keele Street was invaded by bedbudgs. I only found out since I had an allergic reaction to the bites. I called Toronto Public Health and they advise to call property management. Property management sent a bug terminator and the problem was fixed.

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