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Go to www.bedbugger.com and post your questions to the forum. (see link on Home page here.)
Also, check www.toronto.ca for Public Health and info on bedbugs - both tenant & landlord obligations.

I have been living at this location for almost one year. This month, November, I have been experiencing bites on my arms legs and neck. Unsure as to what was happening I talked to friends and family who suggested I check for bed bugs. I completed several thorough checks and found nothing...no blood on my sheets, no hiding bugs in mattress crevices, base board crevices or under or along seams of nearby furniture. I was at a loss and thought I was going crazy.

The morning of the 20th of Novembe

r upon arriving at work I noticed something on my bag which I was about to stow in my locker. I killed it and was surprised to see bright red blood! It was quite tiny and I couldn't see it in the tissue but the thought of "beg bug" was immediate! Upon arriving home I inspected again...nothing!

The in the night, the 21st of November, I awoke to find a bug on my pillow which I killed. There was quite a bit of blood on the tissue and upon inspection and comparison to several images on the web I found it was indeed an adult beg bug.

Upon speaking with one other tenant in my townhouse, which is rented by room, I found that she too has found a bed bug or two and has been spraying her room since early November.

I have contacted my landlord who is going to bring me some spray but I fear this will not be enough and am already tired from lack of sleep and constant itching. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

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