101 Humber Blvd
Toronto, ON M6N

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My brother has been plagued with bedbugs for two years now. We have had to shoot out two sofa beds and a lot of his furniture. His place has been steam-cleaned and sprayed on several occasions, but the damn things keep coming back.

I juss moved in this building like less then a week...and it's my frist apt plus im a 20 yr old woman living on my own..I dont know what to do..i called pest controll and hopefuly it doesnt coat a ton...this PLACE SUCKS!!!!

My grandmother lives in this apartment building and to be honest the whole building is condemned with bedbugs. We had to clean out her whole room because it was just infested with the bugs. That alone was a mission. Her neighbour too had to deal with this problem, as well as a person she knew who lived a few floors higher. All I know is those little buggers travel fast, and if they don't get that WHOLE apartment sprayed, to at least make some effort with the bugs, they might as well warn people

that there is a high risk of bed bugs in the vicinity.

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