55 Emmett Ave
Toronto, ON M6M

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a few months after moving in, we had bites all over. At first we thought we were having a reaction to something but then started seeing bed bugs crawling around in bedroom and bathroom. We couldn't figure how we got it because we bought brand new furniture before moving to this place. Anyway they came in and did a heat treatment which was effective. Six months later they brought in dogs to check for bed bugs infestations and my apartment was clear. but unfortunately 2 weeks after the dogs came w

e all had bites and my child reacts very badly to the bites and has swelling at the bite site. I informed the super over a month ago and no treatment yet. I washed everything, sprayed mattresses and springboxes, put DE, nothing worked so far. we spray ourselves with insect repellent hoping that it will keep'em at bay. And I'm not the only one in this building with this problem. I have friends on different floors, at different ends of the building with infestations, so beware if you're planning on moving here. We're looking for a new place and as soon as they heat treat we're moving cause we don't these little critters following us.

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March 2009
Sprayed apartment twice.
Moved out after that.

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