2050 Keele St
Toronto, ON M6M

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Oct 2014. They just chase the bugs from one apt to another. The pathways for bugs too travel are not filled in with fine steel wool and foam made for that purpose along water pipe runs. Behind the bathroom mirror there is a long and large space for a pipe run. It runs from the basement (where there are thousands of cockroaches too!) to the top floor. The mirror and incoming hidden pipes are open for bug travel. Same for the electrical systems. Not sprayed at all or filled with bug proof foam. T

he ventilation system has not been cleaned in the 20 years we have lived here and is also is shared with the apt next door so bugs can be chased from one apt too the next one. This system also travels from basement to the roof. The hallways are carpeted and is another highway for them to travel. People throw out furniture because of bugs and others drag it back into the building.There are no signs saying not to bring in furniture from the garbage area. We are moving out!

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Jan 2010 , March 2010 and Nov 2010.

I ened up getting bed bugs and bites almost every day and once they send someone from pest control from Magic. It went away and then it started again in March and now in Nov it started again I needed to throw out my couch and beds. I also needed to wait for another month to get treated again which I know you need to get spray twp weeks later from the first spray. There are also coachers too any them seem to not go away at all even thought they spray for th

e bed bugs.

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Moved out of this building Oct 2008 after building had numerous issues with cockroaches and then notice that several apartments in building had bed bugs...what a nightmare...Met a lady in laundry room that had them in her sons bed off and on and she seemes so non chalant about it..i was so disgusted I immediately gave my notice. The building owners continued to allow more and more sketchy people into the building. Would avoid this building at all costs

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