15 Oxford Dr
Toronto, ON M6M

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I am a tenant at 15 Oxford Drive, and we have a bedbug infestation in the building. I have had a hard time getting property management to acknowledge the scope of the problem. The Health Inspector is coming to meet with tenants and the building on Thursday, October 8th, at 9:30 am. The affected units that I am aware of are in the -05 column, particularly units 605 to 1005. Some of these units have been fumigated but not at the same time, and the bedbugs keep moving from one unit to another.

Other units that have been infested in the last few months are 703, 611, 110, and 1003.
The bedbugs are being found inside the baseboards, carpets, and the ceiling, as well as beds and furniture, and seem to be entering through cracks in the ceilings of the units.

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