1442 Lawrence Ave W
Toronto, ON M6L

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There are a lot of cockroaches. The building is infested of insects. They tried 2x in 2 years to put some baits but it just doesnt work. The management should take this matter seriously. Not just to put cheap baits that doesnt work, just to show tenants that they are doing something. Garbage is all over. Its unorganized, filty and it is a horrible place to live. Elevators are dirty. And they always have some problems with the water system.

Very Very Bad , Bedbugs and other living Insects !!!

The Management Should do Something about it !!!!!!

And The washroom walls are Even Falling apart !

Just terrible !

For people Warning : Don't Believe a Word they Tell You they R all Liers !!

There are lot of problems in this apartment. First of all, it stinks! The garbage disposal is unorganized, maybe that's explains the cockroaches et all. The place is horrible. I'm still at my first month here and the contract is one year. F*ck my life. This place really stinks. And maybe because there are indians. I don't hate the people, i hate the smell. I feel sick.

I Have been living (aka DYING) in this apartment for over one year now, and it has been the worst experience of my LIFE!!!

we had bedbugs last year, which was absolutely disregarded by management!!! I went out and bought myself a steam cleaner and tried everything possible to get rid of them myself.

IT WAS SOOO BAD, i would stay awake at night and watch them crawl up into my bed, three and four at a time! i would stay up all night just killing them.... i am still terrified and traumatize

d by this experience. I eventually got rid of them (so it seems) and have not had a problem recently. but every time i feel an itch i HAVE TO get up to turn on the lights still!


they have gotten worse in the past few months (since summer began). I cannot even use my kitchen anymore... i literally cook on a hotplate that i set up in the dining room only when im cooking because it is so gross!!! I lock everything up, all my food, dishes, cutlery, EVERYTHING.

they can be found in the bathroom crawling on the walls even!

i have also started finding them in my bedroom, IN MY BEDROOM!!!!

i put in my notice back in june, as soon as i had enough to move. I cannot wait to get OUT of this shit hole!!!

the only thing is that i am scared that the nightmare will follow me when im gone!!!

THERE IS NO REASON THAT ANYONE WITH ONE DROP OF SANITY SHOULD EVER MOVE INTO THIS LIVING HELL... unless you want to lose the last bit of sanity you have left..!!!

see full report...

Since moving into this building a few months ago(April 2010), I have encountered a nasty cockroach problem that has gone untreated by management, and am now finding bed bugs! they are said to cause asthma attacks which have been occurring almost EVERYDAY in my fiance. We need to leave ASAP, because I know this management will not help much, as they have not been helping with other issues within the building.

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