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I submited a report about the tenants that has been harassing everyone. My report got magically erased!!!! What kind of bullshit is that? I guess someone cannot take the truth?! Maybe I should go to the POLICE and maybe I should tell everything and give out the names, because this is stupid game! This is free country and peple should have the freedom to speak their mind, I guess I was wrong. The tenants DID NOT WIN the court, and they are bunch of liers. I know the landlor's family and the peopl

e who live in his properties, and no one is complaining about anything, however, when you have a con artis to do their magic, somehow bug and flees start growing in their apartment. Maybe they got the bugs because they are dirty people, who cannot even pick up their own dog's shit in the backyard! Once again, ther is NO bed bugs at 148,146,152,150 Cowan Ave or in any other property that the landlord owns. If you tenants think that you can get money from someone who worked their ass of to get where they are right now, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT!!!! Maybe you should start working and PAY YOUR RENT! BUG OFF! If this website delete this report than you are bunch of liars too, who only promote shit and wrong inforamation, and you can go to jail for misleading the public!

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I know all the tenants personally, and personally saw them win in landlord tenant board court. They were awarded multiple months of back-rent, and money to cover moving costs. The tenants had complied what looked like a phone book of evidence from bedbug pest control bills (they paid), fire marshall reports, safety reports.

The landlord & his family were negligible bullies and whoever wanted to "throw up" at this, should first get their facts straight because those poor tenants went thro

ugh hell and were compensated for it by the Tribunal.

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I just came across this link and I almost threw up. I am very familiar with all the properties very well, and let me tell you the only bugs that were at 146 Cowan Ave., were the tenants! I have never seen such a con artists or professional tenants if you will, in my life! Just so everyone knows, those tenants almost put the poor landlord in the HOSPITAL by constant harassements!! They did a lot of ILLEGAL things and they are doing it to someone else right now, so BE AWARE OF THESE TENANTS! They

live in a lie, but one day justice will be served. The whole Parkdale knows about them and everyone has their own opinion about them. I know of the people who live at 148 Cowan Ave., and other tenants at 150 and 152 Cowan Ave and they never had bed bugs! Maybe the tenants that posted all the lies about the bed bugs at these properties forgot to write how sice the day one they were late to pay the rent, how they messed up the property, how they left pile of dog shit in the back yard and never cleaned it up while they lived there, how they staged the apartment so the inspector would think that there is something wrong....and list goes on and on. I know these things because I was informed and saw it and people talk in Parkdale, so back OFF BUGS!

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why would Public Health list just this building. There is a large list here and each individual list the problem they were having and how they were treated. This looks like a hate crime to me.
I thinks this person wante more from the landlord. Also since this individual moved from this building in late spring. How coul the unit be rented out so early. Seem to me this person has some other issues against the owner. To put the tenants at 148 or any of the other buildings list in such a bad like

....hinting that they have bed bugs is unkind. I hope that you find some happiness in your life and that you can get rid of you angry. The bed bug.

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The address re: the report above is 146, 148 may be affected as it's a semi-attached, the landlord owns 150 & 152 as well.

Main Floor and 2nd Floor contracted bedbugs from basement storage. Landlord REFUSED to pay for exterminator or help tenants in either apartment irradicate problem. Public Health and the IEU are involved. Tenants have since thrown out most personal possessions and moved on.

Beware, both units up for rent.

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