93 Beaty Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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I had bites for at least a month before I saw a bed bug. Since, I have been sprayed twice and still have found bed bugs. I have taken every precaution since the first sighting: caulked my baseboards, bought bed bug resistant mattress covers, have put double sided tape on the bottom of all my furniture and put duct tape over all outlets and still they come back. It was insinuated by my landlord that I carried them in- I then found out the tenant directly above me had them as well and this informa

tion had never been disclosed to me when I asked if there had been previous incidents.

It's an old building that obviously has a problem. I do not take furniture off the street, I know for a fact I didn't just carry them in. I'm now moving out and hope whoever is considering living here will think twice because the even bigger nightmare is trying to not take them with you when you leave.

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Got bit on the 2nd night I moved in. Major infestation in that place. Landlord sprayed it, but that didn't help at all. I stayed for almost 2 years just because I couldn't afford to move anywhere else, but it was the most horrific and intense living situation. Had a constant lack of sleep, and have honestly gotten bit hundreds of times. Some people say they only come out at night, but not these little guys. I saw them at all hours of the day, scattered on the walls, floor, and if I put a mirror

under the countertops they were snug in there as well. It's an old building. No chance of getting rid of those guys unless there is a very thorough and completely renovation including proper sealing of cracks, holes, even underneath the apartment doors themselves.

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