85 Spencer Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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I have been living in this building for 4 years and out of nowhere I found red bugs all over my unit - they ended up spraying only for the bed bugs to return with cockroaches. I ended up throwing out 3 perfectly nice beds and leaving all my clothes for the trash. The super of 85 Spencer did not do anything. He insisted on spraying and steaming again which is very bad for human health and brings the bed bugs back anyway- this is just a ban aid solution and a waste of money and time. The housing c

ommunity keeps upping the rent - for what I do not know. Even if I needed low income housing I wouldn't bother moving into this building it is nasty and infested.
Go somewhere else and avoid having to pay for belongings that will just be thrown into the trash.

This is a serious epidemic that the government should do something about. I contacted the mayor Fords office and they did nothing.. I contacted CP24 - they did nothing and I contacted public health and they did nothing. No one cares about you.

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