80 Western Battery Rd
Toronto, ON M6K

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I have lived here 2+ years and have never had an issue. Also, I've never heard anyone complain about an infestation at the annual condo meetings. I would say this is an isolated incident with the furniture or travel of tenants.

I've lived in the building for 2+ years (bought pre-build) and I’ve never seen a single bed bug. These incidents are definitely connected to the unit owners, their furniture and belongings, and not an infestation in the building. It's impeccably clean!

Can you guys expand on this. I was looking at purchasing a condo in this building. The building is fairly new and I'm assuming these are isolated incidents and not a infestation of any sort.

Didn't recognize symptoms for several months. First found bedbug climbing on couch on Nov 14 2010. All other bedbugs (infested box spring, and found some on floor of bedroom) found same night.

March 2010 bedbugs were first noticed. Not a bad infestation. Only found one bug. Have been bit several times, however.

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