77 Spencer Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Does anyone have a current review for this building? Have any of the issues been resolved.

Yeah; 1 dog. I'd like to see the report cause there are bed bugs here. Specifically on the 5th floor. Been trying to get management to do something for months and they are being negligent. When you all have them......it's the management's fault.

No bedbugs here. They recently had the super dogs sniff out all the units. There are some cockroaches, but they're taking care of them, and it's Parkdale, it's hard to avoid them. Otherwise, it's a pretty sweet place to live.

Can anyone update the current situation?
Looking to move in the 2nd or 6th floors.

Can anyone update us now in 2012, we are thinking of moving in and would like to know how the situation is currently.

Yeah but your talking about 2009, we are now in 2011..2years have past since you have encountered this issue, how do you know the problem still exist? You can't really bad mouth the place if you had this issue 2 years ago...if someone can get an updated report, it will be appreciated..me and my girlfriend went there today to check out an apartment, and to be honest the place is very very clean, didn't smell bad at all, and the lady lady was good..so if anyone can get an updated report, before we

hand in the application we will appreciate it.

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You're nuts. Go knock on 502's door and see what they say about cockroaches in the building. In fact, bang on the entire 5th floor and I'm sure you'll get some good stories. There's also an older guy who lives in the building and talks to everyone who rides the elevator with him. Ask him about roaches.

When I lived there, we bleached our kitchen EVERY NIGHT. We left no dirty dishes. We cleaned our apartment 3 times a week to the point where the horribly installed floors were shining. We STILL

had NO USE OF OUR KITCHEN. I woke up the FIRST NIGHT WE MOVED IN and the kitchen was literally COVERED in cockroaches. After MONTHS of hounding the supervisor (who I assume is still the curly haired fat lady with glasses) she finally got an exterminator up there and put in some bait. That worked for about 4 months, and then the roaches came back in DROVES. It got to the point where we had to move all of our things out of the kitchen. The roaches were in our toaster, oven, coffee maker, knife block, cupboards, under the sink, under the fridge, etc. The super at this point REFUSED to help us and told us we had to pay for an exterminator at our own expense. I had to call the management company who told me I was out of luck. After threatening to call the city, they arranged for an exterminator to come back...a new guy came in and couldn't believe what he was seeing. He said it was one of the worst infestations he's seen.

The same day I moved out, 3 others were moving out for the SAME problem. So don't tell me about my own personal cleanliness and don't tell me there is no issue with this building. Whoever posted that is probably the asshole who runs the building.

Don't move in here.

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March 2010
I have been living at 77 Spencer Ave for 2 years.

2008 and present. There are no bedbugs or cockroaches or mice for that matter. The land lady is sweet as pie. People in the building keep to themselves. This is a great building to move into. Thanks.

There are and were bedbugs in this building. A year ago, the entire building was evacuated so it could be fumigated. Well, I finally had a chance to move out this past weekend and I jumped on it. So did a few other tenants who were complaining that the bed bugs were BACK.

Stay the hell away from this building...it's slowly emptying.

I've never heard of bedbugs here, my girlfriend lived here for 2 years. As for cockroaches, you get what you pay for, it is Parkdale after all!


This is a bedbug forum, it's not for cockroaches. If you don't have bedbugs, you shouldn't be posting on it.

MAJOR cockroach infestation. I was amazed at how poorly they were handled...the superintendent REFUSED to pay for in exterminator, instead opting to let us live in filth. It took me two weeks of screaming at the property management (Briar Lane) voicemail to FINALLY get an exterminator up here. When the exterminator saw the infestation, he was shocked that we'd been living with this for so long. Even after his visit, they are still here in droves. I've heard people in the elevator complaining abo

ut them. One person remarked that the current superintendent is "the worst we've ever had."

When you visit the apartment, they will tell you it is "newly renovated," that all the kitchen and bathroom cupboards are new. This is a lie. What they are really doing is slapping on a fresh coat of paint.

Also, the radiators are unable to be turned down, so even in the middle of winter it is sweltering hot.

AVOID this place like the plague.

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