77 Florence St
Toronto, ON M6K

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my name is Steve and I lived down the hall from Colleen; She was a weird person who before she was evicted was seeing things everywhere
The Building is a great place and no problems whatsoever
Glad they finally evicted Colleen - otherwise everyone in the building gets along fine

I was a neighbouring tenant of Colleen. Colleen was evicted because she was walking up and down the halls talking to herself and disturbing other tenants. There are no bed bug problems in this building. The property is well maintained.

I am the super and I can tell you there are no bed bugs in this building. I have a personal interest in ensuring the building's cleanliness because I live here too! The comments made by "Colleen" is a complete misrepresentation and totally inaccurate. No one has reported any pest problem to the management and I have done my own survey of tenants in the building with not one pest issue. The new management has landscaped the outside, rejuvenated the interior common areas and cleans each apartment

between move ins and outs. By the fact the owners are pro active in management I don'tknow how someonecould write those false statements and be so cruel. Just because a tenant may have their own problems with the truth is no reason to make false accusations. This is a nice, clean and well maintained building.

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I had been living in the building for a few years with no problems up until a couple weeks ago. I don't know where the bugs originated from, but pretty much everyone in our building has it now. The problem with the building is that it is an old converted industrial building, with the ceilings of the units being the 2x6 floor boards of the above units. Which means that if the person upstairs drops a glass of water, then it's going to rain in your apartment. I'm guessing that the bugs dropped thr

ough from above, (although I don't know for sure). Right now I'm moving out. Potential tenants beware, the new property manger is a total skeeze bag and isn't informing people of the problem. The building is popular among the young creative crowd, so it seems like theirs always people who want to live here, but I warn you away. The pains of bed bugs will have you house searching again in no time.

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