562 Dufferin St
Toronto, ON M6K

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Amour Pest Control (The Best) coming Tuesday July 28, 2015 to dust B1 (small bachelor) at 562 Dufferin, building has been bed bug free for two years, this is a private request with APC, they said the would coming back again in 2/3 weeks for a redo. Then guaranteed for 3 months. Not a lot of prep work, just everything off the floor and mattress upright ready for dusting. Can return to suite in 2/3 hours.

Friday July 27, 2012 Armour Pest Control limited came again on Saturday July 7 sprayed apartment again. Today July 27 found more bugs on bed. Seem impossible to get rid off them and landlord is in denial that there is a problem doesn't want to spend any money, even when other tenants complain. Probably better to call City and ask them what can be done.

Tuesday June 26 - Called Armour Pest Control 49 Lamb Avenue, again 6 am for one bachelor. Re: bed bug on bed again, killed several full of blood. Could come in five days call Wed after 7 pm. They use Drione Dust with pyrethrin on Beds. Told they have to do up to three applications to control and kill bugs. Its worrisome that this house has not been able to get rid of bed bugs after two different companies came in last 10 months. What does that tell you? Have the bugs mutated and these product

s are no longer effective?

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June 1st, 2012 Landlord the company last year chrge him $1800. This year he was going to spray the whole house ten rooms and three kitchens for $500 wasn't that great. The Name of the company Armour Pest Control (Paul Morton) well they came on Saturday May 26. The said Bug bombing was banned. There medoth was the best. They sprayed everything a product that looked like water and had no smell and dusted with here and there with diatomaceous earth, but only the living rooms. We were all told to st

ay out of house for 3 hours . upon returning there was no poison smell like last year. There was no noticeable change. Tenants still saw cockroaches or saw bed bugs. No comparison with Extermine, they were better, did behind pictures, inside cabinets, under and side desks and bureaus, kitchen cupboards but then they charged more. The $500 job by Armour Pest Control was just total crap. The landlord is away for six weeks. He'll get an earfull on his return.

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One last thing, we took it upon ourselves to spray all carpets with Exterminex product called PRO Aerosol Professional Insectiide, its a contact killer, you can buy it at their main location. One of us, a few days before fogging developed cellulitis (legs) A two week healing process. We don't buy, Toronto Health Department saying bed bugs are not a health risk and neither do our doctors.

All is well in Apt B1 after 2nd spay and fogging. by Exterminex company. Nobody else has complained. So I quess We are all safe till the next invasion. Landlord knocked on our door grumbling about havingto pay $1075.00 for the work, forgetting it comes under operating expenses.

Currently sleeping in the floor. Laid out queen size tlight tan sheet and two pillows. Woke up 3AM Sunday Morning one bite on arm and another on leg. Couldn't find bug on sheet. Monday Morning 4AM bittten twice on upper left leg and side of right hand again searched bottom sheet, Found young adult full of blood. Not sure if one bug did both hits. Clearly Fogging doesn't do much. It means bugs can walk on carpet and residue from fogging is not killing them.

Know Landlord (Sava Jelenic) is go

ing to freak out when I tell him. He lives in Apartment in this old house, directly above me. Only a matter of weeks before they are up there. Likely there already. Wil report what landlord next step will be, if any. Personal clothing still in plastic bags waiting to be washed. Is there no end to this war in my apartment?

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Friday Aug 27, 2011, 12:30 pm again bagged everything. Exterminex, 2007 Dundas West worker returned for second bedbug only treatment of suite B1, 562 Dufferin. This time spraying inside drawers, under and behind cabinets and fogging again, different product which smelled like DDT, but wasn't, told to stay out of apartment six hours. Slept one night, too early to tell if second treatment effective. Landlord jokingly said: if not effectie he would sell the house.

Rooming House - Infestation ground floor A1 July 1st, 2011, Landlord sprayed with Home Defence product. About One month later tenant in Bachelor 2nd floor B1 diectly above, infested Monday August 8, 2011. Bed and frame toss in garabage. Landlrd at first reluctant to call professionals. Finally on Monday August 15 whole house 9 rooms 2 bachelors sprayed and fogged for bed bugs and cockroaches by company called Exterminex. Tenant in B1 5 days later Friday August 19, sleeping on new bed pad, beg

ins to experience bites again on arms and upper legs. Landlord informed. Will report follow up if any action taken.

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