38 Joe Shuster Way
Toronto, ON M6K

Found 98 reports:

The board of directors of the Bridge Condos at 38 Joe Shuster Way has tried numerous times to get in touch with the owner of this website to post the buildings version of events.
The website owner does not respond to emails, nor letters and has not done so since 2013.
The submissions on this site are un-founded, outdated and anonymous.

If you would like further and correct information in regards to the supposed incidents posted here, we ask you to contact Goldview Property management offi

ce for The Bridge Condos
(647) 344-7109

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I've lived in 38 Joe Shuster since 2012, and have never seen or heard about bedbugs in the building. I don't know who is spreading all these lies, but they're simply not true. The building is clean, well managed, and my neighbors are really nice. I started out renting, and eventually bought a unit because of how much I enjoy living here.

Now that this website has been unlocked after 2 years of not being able to post any comments, people who actually live here can post the truth.

The management of the building and the BOD were actually able to track down numerous internet trolls that didn't even live in the building posting false comments.

The owner of this website was contacted numerous times and refused to take them down.

The bed bug problems listed below were false, the property manager at that time was fired becau

se of it.
She claimed there was an outbreak, and then hired a company from Windsor (confirmed as friends of hers) to come in and treat the building and charge for it!!!!
Once it was confirmed there were no bed bugs she was fired by the developer and no one was charged for any treatments or services.
It was confirmed at a resident town hall meeting that residents who were told by this old manager that their unit had tested positive, in fact did not have any bb when they brought in their own independent company.

Beware of what you read. This building did have issues before it was taken over from the developer, but this registry page allowed complete strangers and people that didn't know what they were talking about trash the building and it's reputation.

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I've bought and still live in this building. Have been here since 2011. Yes at the beginning it was a definite challenge. Building wasn't registered. No concierge. And subpar property management. Since the BOD came on, they've completely done a 180 and its amazing place now. We have an outstanding group of BOD, property manange and 24/7 concierge. The books are wonderful and an active community which he holly care about the shape of the building. A great place to be in single or starting a famil

y. A few year back there were some comments posted about bed bugs. Completely untrue.

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Since new Management has taken over the building, my overall experience living here has become more pleasant. Problems have been dealt with and the building overall, feels safe and clean. The only problem we still have, are piece of shit neighbours, which has nothing to do with the building or its management. Once the building is registered and investors start selling their suites, that is when all the dirty, loud, ignorant tenants will start disappearing one by one. I have a bottle of champagne

saved for when this becomes a reality!

And for all you bullshit eaters, the whole bed bug issue was a scam!! I hired someone for a second opinion after I was told I had bed bugs. Not only did the gentlemen tell me I didn't have bed bugs, but informed me that I've never had bed bugs as there where no traces in my suite. He did however mention that the people our dear old manager Yulia hired, where known scam artists in the bed bug industry. People, stop believing everything you hear and get second opinions!

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I agree with all the negatives about this building. Its terrible. I thought because it was new and in an "up and coming" area it would be great but it is HORRIBLE! Beyond just bed bugs. Building managment is rude and have walked into my unit numerous times without informing me and many times caught me dressing. So unprofessional and a dirty building overall.

This is very true!!!

This is a bedbug reporting site, not a vent all...

Problems happen all of the time. I am hoping all of our issues are resolved, once we register...

It is disappointing having to live with the motions of a brand new build, that's still in it's infancy state, however, I love my space.

You don't need to be RICH TO HAVE CLASS!!!

@ booyah
The bed bug issue was resolved last month as well as I am having a hard time understanding your complaints. The way you are discribing this building is far from what it is. This is not a building that has people come in with prostitutes 24/7 nor low income owners. If you believe there is a prostitute conducting business every day, maybe you should consider contacting the police to have that dealt with.
How about instead of coming on this website and bashing things that are irelevant

to bed bugs you could be a bit more pro-active and join the resident committee. You can do so by emailing [email protected] this group has the best interest of the building in mind and has accomplished a lot - and continueing to do so. We now have security, the pool opened and many other positive actions. Use your voice for something a bit more proactive and mature!

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This condo sucks!! 38 Joe Shuster Way, Bridge Condo is the worst place I've ever lived in. My next door neighbour is a prostitute, everyday I come back home from work, I hear a lady moaning with pleasure, having sex with her customers. I only bought a unit here because it was cheap. You get what you pay for, and because it is so cheap, you find low-income earners living in bad quality property. If I bought something a little more expensive, I would have probably be living in a better qualit

y building, with better quality people--doctors, lawyers, dentist, bankers, etc.

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This condo sucks!! 38 Joe Shuster Way, Bridge Condo is the worst place I've ever lived in. My next door neighbour is a prostitute, everyday I come back home from work, I hear a lady moaning with pleasure, having sex with her customers. I only bought a unit here because it was cheap. You get what you pay for, and because it is so cheap, you find low-income earners living in bad quality property. If I bought something a little more expensive, I would have probably be living in a better qualit

y building, with better quality people--doctors, lawyers, dentist, bankers, etc.

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And what is your point? There is a reason why no one is posting comment anymore. Simply because the bug problem is fading away. Yes, all the problem with this condo is not rectified but it is livable and it will be a vibrant and a place to be in due time. Don't be a shit disturber! I love living here!

Re: legal action sept 18.

I talked to the guys forms Steve's when they were here and they were from far away and there were 6 of them here, that could be part of the reason why they cost more. And the reason they were not back for second inspection was because they were hired by the manager who was fired that week and told no need to come back.

no bed bugs
some tenets bring second hand stuff and they may see but so far no one see it i our floor

I don't have any in my place, neither do my neighbors! relief!

we live on the 19th floor and no bed bugs have bothered us, which im very glad about i think they have been taken care of. The only annoying bugs that i do see are these little flies almost fruit fly like ..they arent too much of a bother but i know come winter, they'll be gone.

So far I have not seen any bedbugs in my unit, only a few random mold mites along the baseboards. These mites are very small and light brown in color. At first I thought they were baby bedbugs, but after sending the pictures to a pests control company, they confirmed it is not. I believe there could be a small number of units who may be "active" (most are not), but we do live in downtown Toronto and this is becoming a very common problem. Many buildings including many five star hotels such a

s Royal York Hotel all have reports. Any condo will face this issue sooner or later. But I am certain that we don't have it "everywhere" or in the lobby/gym as reported by some earlier postings(non-sense). I did contact management today and they will be disclosing the treatment plan very soon. They will recommend a treatment package for all units regardless of it being active or not. I would recommend we follow this plan mainly for peace of mind, for us as well as for future residents (yes, it will be funded by owners). By the way, I was at the residents meeting on Monday and am very glad to see that there are many caring residents here. Our residents committee will continue to push for change and once registered, we will work together to have all issues resolved (very exciting). Lastly, our residents committee have just started a face book group for our building. I would recommend residents continue our discussions there, as I find the credibility and the quality of some of the postings here very doubtful.

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I was saying "I think" because this is the certainty of what I know. If you want "hard facts," you're not going to find them here. Urbancorp has confirmed in memos (which you can find in the lobby of the building) that there are bed bugs. There's enough reports here that it probably isn't a coincidence. Unfortunately the reason why everyone is complaining here, is because Urbancorp is not coming forth with all the information. You can go to Urbancorp, but you probably won't have more luck than t

he rest of us. To me, it doesn't matter if we "maybe" or "definitely with hard facts" have bed bugs. Maybe is bad enough for me, and maybe is reason enough for Urbancorp to be resolving the problem. There's enough information out there for me to deduce with my brain that there are most probably bed bugs in the building, and that's what we should care about. I don't need to see their log sheets. There's no point in ignoring what people are saying, despite the fact that it's not "hard facts." While you wait for your hard facts, the bed bugs are probably making their way to your unit. You're exhausted? So is everyone else in this building.

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Just to note, you have mentioned a few times now "I think". I think isn't a fact to me! I am trying to do my due diligence on my own, again not because of protecting but being concerned. I, nor any owner, renter, subleters, etc... should ever have to live in a place that has them. Please people work with me!!! I am trying to HELP make sure this is happening... AGAIN, Until I have hard facts!! I don't care what who's to blame, who to point fingers at, at this point!!! I find this exhausting and w

ant it over with...

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I am an owner and this HAS NOTHING TO DO with protecting my investment. Shit does happen. It's the simple fact of do we have them? or not???not one person has physically seen them and or been bitten, or can prove it? like I said that's 60+ people and they own 1-!0 places and I know a handful of renters in here that don't have them. Reports, logs, whatever can be written down, but I am just making sure they are bed bugs... as long as it's hard facts and not outsiders trying to make things up!!!

Do you have the log sheet, so I can follow up with it? I am concerned! just may not have to be at all if this is HEAR SAY!

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I was able to see with my own eyes the report that was done by the inspection company and it specifically said that there were live bed bugs on beds and headboards in 9th floor units. There are definitely bed bugs in some units. I think that people need to just take all preventative measures to ensure that this doesn't spread. Sorry if you are an owner and you are trying to protect your investment but shit happens and this is the risk you take when buying property in downtown toronto.

The contractor I was referring to, who told me it was bad, was the inspection company, not the treatment company. I think these were different. The inspection company seemed like they definitely knew what they were doing but I think Urbancorp screwed them over and that's why they aren't around anymore. One lady who came around when they were doing inspections said she was from Toronto Health, and I don't know if she was affiliated with the inspection company herself, or if she was just there. Sh

e specifically is the one who told me it was bad.

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I am the person who found wood boring weevils. I kept one in a ziploc bag for reference, but it is definitely NOT a bed bug (similar size but clearly different colour and shape). Weevils are common in new buildings. FYI since finding them I haven't seen or caught any more.
I don't doubt that there may be a bed bug issue in the building but if you actually read the comments here, no one personally has seen or been bitten by them. If you have, please speak up.
Regardless of the severity of the i

nfestation, I think we can all agree that manaegment has handled it very poorly. They've known about this since (at least) August 25 and they MIGHT have more info by October 1? What doesn that even mean?!

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We recently moved here from our of city & were extremely worried about the issue. We haven't seen any sights of them in the gym, common areas or our place. We went out and bought a mattress cover and outlet covers - but again, haven't seen anything.

We spoke to the new building manager & he said he would know more next Monday, October 1 - which I do think is a little timely if this IS as serious an issue as some are saying.

We also don't have any complaints about the building (yet) the dam

age to the elevators is a little frat house, and i wish there was a security guard present but besides that we havent had any issues.

Is the meeting committee still actively trying to change these things for the building? Would love more information.

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That's fair. No offense taken. I am not going to agree, or believe the contractors. They are the same contractor who charged $600 per unit to treat, when it should be around $100-150 MAX! Contractors can say what they want, bottom line, it's a lucrative business. I have asked all of the cleaners and asked around to the 60+ tenants and I haven't met one person that has seen one, or been bitten by one. I do understand a lot has been thrown out and a lot of work has gone into this. Just not sure if

we have them at all!!!

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No offense, but I tend to side with the contractors who do this every day, and told me the bedbugs were "bad" on the 9th floor, rather than the guy who looked up bug pictures on wikipedia.

For those who do live in our building and who have hard evidence of BED BUGS can you please e-mail me? We could be mistaken bed bugs for gnats,weevils, etc..
I have met over 60+ people and some have 10+ units themselves in this building that don't have them, some said they had "hot spots" sniffed out by dogs, but still couldn't see the bugs themselves. Others had their places treated based on, they were told to , but once again, no hard evidence. There are plenty of bugs that live in the city a

nd we have to be able to know and identify which ones they are in our units. Before calling out BED BUGS!

I have checked the common areas, gym, pool, lobby and haven't seen any and I have looked hard!.

Bed bugs in specific are very clear to identify on your own.
Look for black residue on your bedding, mattress, headboard, and box spring. Bites are the most obvious symptom of a bed bug infestation.

Please read here for more tips:


WE MAY OR MAY NOT, have them! and I don't want to offend anyone that truly does have them, I am just a person that needs hard evidence to believe the HYPE!

If you READ an earlier post, a tenant has found he has what APPEARS to be bed bugs but ISN'T
I do not have bedbugs, but I have set up some glue traps around my unit to try to monitor if they enter. I have caught three wood boring weevils so far. At first I thought they were BBs but I did
some research and found out they weren't. I imagine that some people may have mis-identified wood boring weevils as BBs. They are about the same size, but they look like this: http://www.rentokil.co.uk/images/image_170678.jpg



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Lit cigarettes definitely get thrown off balconies. We get about 30 cigarette butts on our balcony every day, many of them lit. We can't even sit out there because I've literally had cigarette butts falling on me. Management refuses to do anything about this. People who live in this building are totally inconsiderate.

LOL. You complainers should not be surprised. This building is a year old and already resembles a uni dorm that has been converted to refugee tenament housing. Every time I walk by (no I don't live there) I hear at least 3 stereos blaring and notice another balcony full of possessions...I hope folks don't throw lit cigarettes of balconies! All of you complainers should not be surprised - one visit to the building would tell you that it is a dump.

(And I think the posters denying bedbugs

are owners hoping to rent their units.)

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The bed bug problem in our building is not fixed. The gym and main areas still have them. Urban corp needs to do an inspection of the ENTIRE building not just certain floors. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE STOP BRINGING IN OLD FURNITURE FROM GARAGE SALES, CRAIGSLIST OR EVEN FURNITURE FROM VINTAGE STORES AROUND THE CITY! This is 2012, times are very different. Value village and many thrift stores have stopped selling furniture. We all need to realize that someone else garbage is REALLY just garbag

e and that selling used furniture will one day be a thing of the past.

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I do not have bedbugs. it has beeg gone. they fix the issue

this is alla buidlings only a unit

We were told that the contractor would be coming today to dust. We were given instructions to clean our place, take stuff off the bed, etc. My husband took the day off work because given recent events, we do not trust property management in the unit. We were told they would be here 8-5, and they never showed. I am so fed up with this place. It's not too hard to schedule floors on specific days. This place blows.

I do not have bedbugs, but I have set up some glue traps around my unit to try to monitor if they enter. I have caught three wood boring weevils so far. At first I thought they were BBs but I did some research and found out they weren't. I imagine that some people may have mis-identified wood boring weevils as BBs. They are about the same size, but they look like this: http://www.rentokil.co.uk/images/image_170678.jpg (note the snout w/ two small antannae). This is a problem in itself that Urban

corp should be dealing with, but not as pressing as BBs.

I have taken some pretty simple preventative measures in my unit to avoid BBs infesting my bed and furniture. I would hope that by now everyone has done some research and taken their own measures to deter BBs from infesting their units. Anyone can do their own "dusting" at a very low cost. Just go buy some diatomaceous earth and apply it thoroughly around baseboards, bed, furniture, etc. Plenty of guides for doing this online. This will not fix the problem if you are already infested but it could help ward off an infestation if you are currently in the clear. in the meantime we can hope that Urbancorp gets their act together and finally deals with the problem.

see full report...

From what I understand and read over in the tenancy act is that Urban corp is the current landlord of our building. In other words, they should be responsible for security, cameras, wreckless tenant issues, paying bed bug bills. We aren't fully owners yet, our building isn't registered, nor has our mortgages kicked in. With that being said, management seems to be a bit of puppets in a way and as much as it seems they try to get stuff sorted for us, ultimately it's Urban Corp who gives the green

light on everything and anything. We should be taking our issues up with urbancorop directly. The president would be a good channel. Need his contact ;)

see full report...

What is the main goal of this committee?

What is the main goal of this committee?

What is the main goal of this committee?

Join the residents committee, email us and we will keep you up to date on our meetings etc.

[email protected]

Does anyone know what the main reason is why the building is not registered? Don't just guess, if don't know you are not the only one. Can we organize a general meeting and potentially put a formal complaint. Then legal action being the next step.

Sorry, I know this is off topic, but this is in reponse to the comment, "what to love here". 1) I love the location... Liberty Village, West Queen West, Metro all mins away. I also jog 3-4 times a week down to the lake trails (LOVE!!!). On weekends, I often meet friends down by Chinatown or Spadina. 2) I LOVE my unit. It's small, but it's mine and it's cool. My unit is clean, new and I did some upgrades, so it is my "Prada shoebox". Great open views, bright and luckily neighbors on my flo

or are fairly quiet. 3) I LOVE this place because I worked hard for it saving for years. It's my first home!
Honestly, there are things I hate, especially once I stepped out from my unit. But I'll do whatever it takes to turn it around. 1st step, get rid of all bedbugs in the building!!!!!!!

see full report...

In late August, I spoke with Yulia, our property manager, to ask why only floors 7-12 were being treated. She said Urbancorp had instructed her to only find an exterminator for units on these floors and then charge the owners. They never let the owners know the cost or treatment plan. The Friday before the treatment (scheduled for Mon, Sep. 10 –Thur), they sent an email to my tenants telling them to bag all their stuff and that they would be sending the owner a bill for $600 +tax. Yulia s

aid she found a great “deal” with Steve’s Pest Control for heat treatment. But I called Steve’s and asked them how they apply the heat, and they said with steam. So really it is only steam treatment and they only come once (with retreatment at $150). When you call other Pest Control places, they range from $300-600 for vacuum, steaming, dusting, and insecticide spray for two times (two weeks apart). Real heat treatment with heaters costs $1400-2000. I also spoke with a City of Toronto public health inspector and she said that the building is responsible for all the common elements and should help in coordination of the extermination in lieu of a condo board (which we don’t have yet, because we haven’t closed). The inspector also told me that heat treatment is not the most effective for apartment buildings, because the bed bugs will scatter (i.e. to other units) as soon as they feel the heat rising (you cannot apply 120F heat all of a sudden – it needs to heat up). The inspector also told me that any pest control specialist should be coming two times, because of eggs that may hatch 10-14 days later. She said that she would be contacting the property management and Urbancorp to continue her investigation. I have contacted Urbancorp, specifically Joe Dias, who I was told by the building was responsible. At first he left me a message saying that he was going to take control of the situation, but that owners were responsible for payment because in our contracts it says that we are responsible for “maintaining our units”. When after 20 days of the first notice going up and nothing had been done except for continuous infestation of more and more units, I contacted Joe again, told him that the inspector was investigating, that the City recommends that action be taken within 48 hours, and that it had been 20 days since the first notice of bed bugs, and that they were spreading because they had done nothing to “maintain” the common elements. Next time I spoke with him, he started blaming the Property Management, swore, and said to call my lawyer, and hung up. On Monday, Sept. 10, I sent a letter to the President, Vice-president, and Joe (customer service supervisor) of Urbancorp notifying them of legal action I was taking against them due to their failure in maintaining the common elements and exterminating common element areas and systems (which is their responsibility) in a timely and effective manner which led to the infestation of multiple units. I have received no response, and am proceeding with legal action. However, the next day I was told that Joe Dias stormed into the property management office and stopped Steve’s Pest control in the middle of their treatment and told them to treat all common areas only and not suites (and by treat, I mean a little bit of dusting which probably cost them about $50). And Yulia was fired. To sum up, I think Urbancorp has done too little, too late which has led to this infestation being bigger than it needed to be and as a result has infested many units and will cost owners a lot of money because of their negligence. If you are interested in joining my legal action against Urbancorp, please contact me at [email protected]

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I have been watching this page for a while and I can't stop myself from asking. Those who say you "LOVE" it here-- why? What exactly do you love about this place? I'm not trying to be mean. I just cannot begin to fathom what there is to LOVE about this building. When you take away the bedbugs, the students, the poo, the people sleeping in the halls, the broken elevators, the no hot water, the break-ins, the zero security, awful property management, the fire alarms at 3am, the water leaks, the vo

mit everywhere, all you're left with is a regular shoebox you live in. So tell me, what is there to love about this place? Blind optimism is not going to get us anywhere. Let's just call things how they are.

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I'm terrified to see if I have bedbugs. I've left town for a week. I'm hoping they won't go in through the walls. Apparently if they're hiding within the structure and we have no control, the builder needs to pay. As londlords, we should all be getting our units treated, I'm so dissapointed by Urbancorp for this entire building. I feel like I got cheated. I just want to cry.
We need to get the city to implement rules and building codes and have them actually CHECKED and not be paid off by stup

id builders like this. We're all screwed and Urbancorp is laughing at us. The poor employees that have to work for this company. They're all gonna get the sh^& from us. We all got fu^%^ed. I can't believe you can pay this kind of money and live in a building that's worse quality than all the low income housing in the city.
Thanks Urbancorp.

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I live here and absolutely LOVE it! I had my place checked out and I'm clear. I'm still going to use the gym, until a professional comes in and checks out our common areas. As well, all of my neighbors don't have them! relief!

I am an owner and never had a chance to accept/deny payment for treatment, so I do not understand how owners' "refused to pay." What's $35 compared how much we will lose in the long run? That being said, Steve's Pest control "over-dusted" my place causing excessive dust and an asthma attack. No one was sure of how long the dust should stay until I confirmed with them "3 weeks". Which clean person wants white dust in their place for 3 weeks?
If anyone has found a good company, please put it up a

s I will gladly pay for a proper treatment.
P.S. Before this incident there were already malicious remarks about this building on this site. Please take heed when you're reading comments from "25 years old women who parties every weekend" or people who can see bed bugs on gym equipment.

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I agree on the comments on how we should all get treated. The cost for dusting is actually very low, it only get costly if the unit is active. However, I don't see how anyone will choose to live in a unit knowing it is active and not get it treated. Management should get the plan together quickly so we can all work together to resolve the problem. This will benefit all of us. For tenants, you can contact your landlord to have the cost covered. I too love living here!

I was just in the gym, saw no signs of them. Where did you see them and did you report it to management?

I don't have any in my place, but I would like the entire building to be evacuated for a day and treat the place at once, to solve the problem once and for all.
I do love this place!!!

Bed bugs found in the gym area. AVOID.

that should not even be an issue. Urbancorp has to hold the owners responsible. If they aren't willing to pay, they should be kicked out. They should be allowed to enter the units and treat them no matter what. that's like saying, if someone leaves their bathtub running or something catches on fire, no one is going to enter the unit even if it's damaging others? Someone has to take responsibility. People in this building are such inconsiderate idiots.

I knew there was something they weren't t

elling us in that letter. So what, have they hired a new contractor who is willing to work for free? I don't understand what the solution is. this place would be better managed by monkeys.

see full report...

The reason treatment stopped was because unit owners were refusing to pay for treatment.
As stated, if not all units are treated they will continue....
It is unit owners responsibility to pay for services within their own units, Urbancorp paid for the treatment in the hallways and common areas.

So the contractor stopped treating full well knowing that they were not going to receive proper payments from owners.

Iam not defending Urbancorp or Simerra, they are awful. But the treatment s

topped because of neighbors refusing to pay/treat, not by choice of management.

see full report...

the news story might inspire urbancorp to get their act together. and having your own unit treated is pointless unless the whole problem is treated. you can get your unit treated, but if your loser neighbour has them on the other side of the wall, what's the point? you can't rely on these low-lifes to do the right thing. the only way it will get done is if urbancorp puts this in place.

the news story will only hurt owners. we are fucked anyway.

what good can a news report bring??

when is the news report?

A brilliant bed bug trap to order.

Our problems can be resolved quickly if we all work together. Instead of waiting for management, we can get our units inspected/treated by organizing ourselves. I have been in contact with a pest company and will get my unit inspected/dusted next week (I have no signs of bedbugs). As for the cost, like all other pest problems, costs incurred for treatments within the unit is funded by the owner, not management. I don't understand why others are complaining about this, because like any condos

, management is only responsible for the common areas. Only in rental apartments where management is responsible for the unit (as they are the landlord). As for the other problems, like security, hallways, etc, those are minor and can all be fixed once the building registered. The people who is making those ridiculous comments are probably the ones who vandalized the place in the first place! Lets be constructive guys. And yes, I think Urbancorp sucks!

see full report...

There is going to be a news report on this building soon and many other buildings in the area. Please email me at [email protected] for more info and If you would like to share your story.


38 Joe Shuster Bed Bugs

Our resident Commitee poster has been removed by management
Please forward your complaints and info and we will keep you up to date of our discussions and progress with management

[email protected]

This building is an absolute slum. There are bedbugs everywhere and property management is not doing ANYTHING to contain the problem. It's not enough to treat a very limited number of units only 1 time and forget about it. It's not enough to dust the halls. The bedbugs are in the walls and they're traveling EVERYWHERE.

We received a very vague notice from property management today saying "there was an issue with their contractor" and now they're dealing with someone else for some reason? Why?

And now they're making us pay for treatment. It's like they want to admit it's bad, but they won't communicate this to us properly. There are huge gaps in the information they provide. The fact that property management posted here is an absolute joke.

"If it becomes necessary, Toronto Public Health can issue a Health Protection Order (Section 13) to a landlord and/or tenant or both under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, to ensure clean-up and treatment is completed." I would encourage everyone to call Toronto Public Health at 416-338-7600.

see full report...

The bed bugs have now migrated and infected every single level in the building. Apparently they are accessing each level through the walls.

Avoid this building like a plague.

Dear residents of 38 Joe Shuster, please put pressure on Simerra and Urbancorp to act immediately before this place becomes a slumhole. ALL floors need to be treated-repeatedly. There is a notice coming out in the "next few days" according to the mgmt office. Act before it is too late and we are all screwed. 1) get inspected by the dogs. 2) get treated 3) file a complaint with Toronto public health against Simerra and Urbancorp.
we are well below the 9th floor where t

his started and tested positive by the dog for hot spots. don't get fooled by the answers you get when you call the office, be smart!!!!

see full report...

Just wanted to point out that a residence committee has been formed and details are in the main floor notice board. Despite the negative comments here (some are off topic to the bedbugs forum), there are still a lot of us who cares about this building. Lets work together with the residence committee for the better. I am confident that in time, 38 Joe Shuster Way will be a great place to live!

Not registered as Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation (TSCC)?

I cannot believe how TERRIBLE Urbancorp is! Someone has to do something about this! We don't have to live like this! The building won't register and it's completely done!! It's been occupied for a year and a half! The builder put extra laminate floors he had left on the elevator walls for design! We're all getting f#$%^ed by Urbancorp for so many reasons!!
The company has cheapened out on everything! We have to complain to the city and to the builder!
The builder has to register already!

rap buildings get crappy tenants who don't want to take care of the building because it already is a nightmare.
We don't have to live like this! We must all get together and protest this reluctancy to build a good building. The city is letting Urbancrap get away with a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE quality building.
It doesn't cost 600 dollars to clear bedbugs from a 450sq ft condo. Get a different company to get rid of them. The Condo Corp is probably making money with the company they've hired.
btw I have no bedbugs :-) yet

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This building is horrible! Can't believe people pay more to rent in this building than some older apartments that don't have any bed bugs or vomit covered elevators.

We cleaned everything this weekend and while we don't currently have any signs of bed bugs or bites we didn't want to take the risk and so we vacuumed, cleaned and sealed our couch and bed and put in storage off site. Couldn't stand the idea of waiting any longer and losing brand new furniture when we were slated to move so soon


Now we are sleeping on an air mattress on the floor in a largely empty unit just so we have less chance of getting any bugs. But who knows if we will be able to last over a month without getting them at the rate they are spreading.

Wish we were moving tomorrow.

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I live at 38 joe shuster way and it is a horrible place to live! I am a 25 years old women who has parties every weekend so all the dorm comments are the least of my worries. the common areas are extremely ugly and never have air conditioning. there is never hot water and NOW there is a bed bug issue. For all those who think they dont have bed bugs, if you read up on it enough you will learn that 30% of people do not react to bed bugs. And how difficult it is to detect them. I am currently takin

g preventative measure to make sure I do not have them. What the managment of this building needs to do it make it manditory to get the dusting done, or pay for it and exterminate the whole building. so yes this is a horrible place to live!!

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They are on every floor and common areas. Can't be controlled due to air systems and electrical setup. I would avoid buying or leasing here.

Bed bugs have been spotted on the 12th floor, 18th and 22nd. Management only had 7-11 inspected, and some units "crisis zone" have been treated.
If you are thinking you dont have them... you probably do. They are not treating units until next week, so by then, they will have found their way to your apt. They also can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime, and survive for a year on ONE feeding. Best to get it checked or the issue will never go away.
If you do have them, COVER your furniture before

you take it to the trash... otherwise, they will go into the halls, and back into your apt, or a neighbours.
If anyone sees furniture by the dumpsters - DONT THINK OF IT AS FREE STUFF... its infested. So dont bring it back into the building!

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I have lived on the 8th floor of this building for a year now. The following are a list of problems I have run into as a tenant;

- Bed Bugs....received the a letter today that my unit apparently has bed bugs

- Attempted Break In....awoke one night to a man crawling ONTO my 8th floor balcony attempting to enter my apartment. Police told me he was my "sketchy drug addict" neighbor

- Pipes Bursting....came home over a month ago to a flood on the first floor from a pipe bursting in the

ceiling....the gaping hole is still there.

- Water Leaks....came home to a water leak in the ceiling on the 8th floor with chunks of the ceiling on the ground and a fan under the leak for days

- Countless fire alarms

- Countless days without hot water

- Most often not all the elevators are in working condition

And the list can go on. Thank god I am finally moving out. This building is a NIGHTMARE.

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Because the building is not registered all decision is dependant on the builder, Urban Corp. It will be wise to pressure Urban Corp for the meanwhile if we want major changes... that is until the building registered.

This is the worst managed building ever. If they cared about their name, they would install top notch security ASAP. So many issues and vandelism here....clearly they don't care. Spend the $ and stop destroying your name.

Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding 38 Joe Shuster Way, Bridge/Connect Condos.

We take the outlined issues very seriously and ask that you please contact us immediately should you have any concerns.

Thank you.

Yulia Lahchakov
89 Skyway Ave, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M9W 6R4

DirectLine: 647.258.8201
Main Line: 416.293.5900
Fax: 416.293.5904

I’ve received notice of bed bugs on the 9th floor, yesterday over half the units are requiring work and found out that bed bugs are on most floors and management is not taking it seriously. They are trying to avoid cleaning of common areas which bed bugs are being found and not informing new tenants of the situation.

"Tell us what happened?" Well- it appears we got out of the unit on the 9th floor just in time. We were already set to move out Sept 1st and heard news of the bed bugs the week before we were scheduled to move out. No bed bugs found in our unit during inspection but I figure it is only a matter of time before the bed bugs infest the entire floor through the walls- cable plugs etc. If you are moving out ensure that nothing touches the carpets and walls in the hallway. We genuinely feel bad for th

ose folks who have purchased in this building, they deserve better then this. Renters have trashed the place- from animals pee in the hallways, vandalism in common areas etc. Lack of building security is definitely an issue and needs to be addressed.

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Management confirmed that bedbugs are found on the 9th floor. A detailed inspection is done today for the 7,8,10,11 floors and will be treated accordingly asap. The fact is that we are a big building with many units and like any building we are subject to bug problems. Bedbugs unlike other bugs can live in clean, new, nice apt/condos/offices, etc. Good thing is that our management took notice of the issue and take immediate actions. And yes, bedbugs don't just hatch from a new building, som

eone must have brought them in. We are all trendy people here, but next time better think twice about bring in that retro antique piece...

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Wednesday August 29 an exterminator confirmed there was bedbugs in an apartment on the 11th floor. Everyone in the building should be checking not just 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 floors. They spread fast and multiply quickly.

The bed bugs on the 9th floor were brought in by the people (or 1 person) who lives on that floor, not management. At least they aren't ignoring the issue like some buildings would and are bringing in a K9 bed bug detection service.

Maybe they would have time to be more productive if people weren't vandalizing the elevators and what not. Since residents are concerned about the security of the building, vandalization doesn't make it look any better... by the way.

I'm thankful to live on t

he 14th floor.

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there are bedbugs here on the 9th floor. also everyone below who said this place is "not that bad," this building is awful. there are major security issues (break-ins, etc) and the building is not properly maintained by management.

Please note that it has been 100% CONFIRMED by building management that there is a bed bug issue on at least the 9th floor. Notices are posted around the build.


It is good to see some positive reviews!

The location of the building is great, King/Queen west just out the door, 24hrs McDonalds/Metro around the corner, and all those lake trails to explore. Close to highway, not too congested.

In terms of the building, it is overall clean and no bugs to speak of. Some units offers great lake view, though mine is an airy north view.

There were noise when I first moved in last year, but now seems to be fine. Property management is okay, they ma

nage the Ritz hotel/condos too, so can't be that bad. There are some details that should be fixed though, hopefully once the building registered, the elected board of directors will be able to correct them.

Overall it is a fun place to live for yuppies.

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June 21st 2012

I am currently living here and would have to rate it an 8 of 10.

- Location is great, lots of things close by... if you work in the area you will NOT need a bus pass for anything really.

- I have had NO issues with noise what so ever, guess I live on one of the silent floors.

- I haven't seen any bed bugs I'd be really surprised if anyone actually had some.

- I live in a 1 plus den and the balcony is huge! Way bigger than most condos.

I'd rate it a 9 out of 10

if they would at least have a bit of air conditioning in the lobby and elevators, I guess it's broken or doesn't exist. Also all of the condos air conditioning broke down and management had it fixed the next day.

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I have been living on the 18th floor for 5 months now of the above address and can confirm there are NO bedbugs here or bugs of any kind! The dumb ass that made the report probably brought them with them. I will agree with the noise issue however, it seems to be gettig better. I have to say there are tons of young people in the building which can be a problem (first year university/college if that). I think that a security guard would be appropriate in this building. I have seen numerous police

cars parked outside but really it falls on the people who own the units and do a poor job in screening tentants. Sucks to be an owner in this bulding.

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This is nonsense, there are no bedbugs at 38 Joe Shuster Way, however there are inconsiderate young people who are loud and have parties, which will stop once you work with the Property Manager.

Agreed. No bed bugs but noise noise noise - especially at weekends. The building seems to be full of inconsiderate morons/brats who have parties with complete disregard for their neighbours.
The water issue was bad, and so is the issue of unreliable elevators. Such a shame because it could be a great place to live.
Hopefully the noise issue will settle down once the buildings gets to full occupancy

Haven't seen any bedbugs at all. I completely agree about the dorm room weekends...I remember one of the first weekends I was here, took the dog for a walk first thing in the morning and there was vomit on the elevator buttons.
ALSO: have had no hot water for 24 hours now...It was shut off for maintenance at 7 am yesterday (perfect timing as that is when the majority of us take showers before work) and it's 11:30 now, the following day, and still no hot water. This is ridiculous.





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We have no bedbugs - the building is very clean - but stay away if you're over 25. On Friday nights, this building is a loud party zone - its like living in a dorm.

I am getting strange bites on my legs...

I've been here since August and we have not any bed bugs at all. Gnats on the other hand, a shit ton of them (on the balconies).

I agree with you Derrick. I have been here for 6 months now and I have not seen any type of bugs at all! It's a new building, I don't believe we have bedbugs. If any issues, one should just contact condo management, that is why we hired them here. There is really no point of posting false stores on this site!

To the top poster, I live around the corner on Laidlaw. Brand new town homes. INFESTED! The property management know how bad it is for business so they keep any cases on the hush. Seriously, my own neighbours don't even know! Also, since bed bugs are so hard to get rid of, anyone that has them generally ends up moving! That is why you don't know anyone with them. I assure you, this whole city and this neighbourhood are filled with them (currently going through our second treatment in less than a

Part of it is the constant moving in and out but also, these buildings are crap. Holes, gaps, crevices. Ants everywhere! It's no wonder the bedbugs keep spreading.

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Non-sense. There are no bed bugs in this building. It's a brand new condo with absolutely no bed bugs in it. It seems like some people just make up reports on this website for the sake of it. I've lived here for almost 5 months and I know many people who live in the building and there are 0 BED BUGS in it. I spoke to the management about it as well and they said there has been no reports. If there are bed bugs in your unit you'd think someone would say something!
This site is becoming less and

less credible.

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I was just at a friends place at 38 Joe Shuster Way and I saw bedbugs in the kichen and bathroom. I hope to God I don't bring these bugs into my home.

Bedbugs generally harbour in an approx 20 foot radius of their regular food source. They would happily crawl across the floor to the bed. They can't fly and they can't jump. They can only crawl. If they are harbouring in furniture around the bed, which isn't touching the bed, they will crawl up the legs of the bed, feed, and then crawl down the legs and back to their harbourage.

Population pressure will cause bedbugs to disperse (as will inappropriate use of pesticides - some of which ir

ritate them, but do not kill them) and they will travel from room to room on electrical wires or through ventilation shafts etc.

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I think everyone should familiarize themselves with what a bedbug is and how they travel....because they don't crawl across the floor to someones bed

not all bugs are bed bugs

I lived in the condo for 5 months now, and so far, I have not encountered any bugs at all in my unit. If you encountered bed bugs, it must be brought in from outside sources. This area is close to Parkdale, which is known for bedbugs. We need to monitor closely to make sure we don't see any more of them.

I found a bedbug on the bathroom floor. It was moving toward my bedroom. This is a brand-new condominium.

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