345 Dufferin St
Toronto, ON M6K

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i lived here for over 18 years and only in the last couple years has it gone 2 hell -the reason being the current head super n his wife are so lazy and have no experience in managing a building . The fact that more blacks are comming in and leaving garbage everywhere is no help -this will soon be down 2 the level of all the rentals in jane/finch

Person Below. It doesn't matter if your clean or not!!! You can still get bedbugs even if your clean so stop complaining that dirty people have them and be lucky you don't have them while other people have to deal with them!

been here for 2 years, there are no bed bugs or roaches, management takes extremely good care of this building and its people. you will not find a better building for the price they ask in this area. That is a fact.

anyone who says different is an idiot. Maybe if you cleaned once a week you wouldn't have bugs.

I have lived at 345 Dufferin St for a few years after having lived in rental units in and around Toronto,people need to take responsibility for some of their issues themselves.I see people to lazy to walk down the hall to put their garbage in the shoot they decide to save garbage in their apartment until it sinks and they put it outside their door. People walk their dogs and if they pick up the poo they carry the bag inside to leave it on a shelf in the lobby, come on now people.There are tenant

s here who refuse to be sprayed yelling the lobby they want no one in their apartment,again if you don't want bugs you have to co-operate. Management, well the lady in the office Sharma is friendly and I have to say it's nice to have her taking care of the building and us. My uncle came to visit and I had mentioned to her weeks prior and she remembered when my uncle forgot to follow the correct procedure for overnight parking and she informed the tow truck driver to leave my uncles car, wonderful to have her remember us on top of her practically running the building alone since supers are either mean or drunk. The lady Sharma does the decorations for all the holidays, children's parties etc I love it here and feel proud to call it home.

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The only people in this building who receive prompt attention to complaints are friends of the office girl Sharma, or the managers. The managers may be here 24 hrs but the guy Phil is drunk all the time and his mother Betty is old and sick.

The building is full of roaches and I now have bites on my legs, bed bugs? I am fed up with this place. My lease is up soon and I'm moving some place decent.

I just hope I can get the elevator on the day I choose to move. It is always busy with people

moving in and out. No one stays here.

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I have been occupying a 3 bedroom on the 7th floor for over 3 and a half years now. During my time, there has been 1 bed bug issue, which was our next door neighbour. When that happened, the building arranged the spraying of the affected unit, and preventative spraying in the unit blocks which surrounded it. I.E. above, beside, and below.

In our unit, there has been no roach issues up till now. They are currently in the process of replacing all the pipes in the building. Knoc

king holes in the wall of each unit, bathroom and kitchen... which has released roaches from their hiding spaces. Now, with that said, the building has informed everyone, and scheduled preventative measures in the kitchen and bathroom.

I have a cat, and needed to arrange over night care.

It is inconveniencing, but at least the building is being proactive.

The Manager, and Super both live on site, and the super is on call 24/7.

They DO replace the filters each year... mine has been done 3 times so far. They even took apart the central air unit at my request to clean as last summer the fan did not seem to work correctly... apparently it just needed to be drained... works great now.

They are actively working on restoring and maintaining the building.

In my experience if and when there is an issue, they honestly do make the effort to respond. I doubt they would make you wait a month?!? I have never seen that happen in my time here.

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I have been living on the 5th floor for the last 2 years.

In the last 6 months, cockroaches have become more than a problem. We have tired everything in the store and nothing worked.

I spoke with Management (Sharma) and she arranged for our unit to be sprayed.

A month later now and we still have more cockroaches.

Spoke with Management (Sharma) again, and was told they could spray the unit next month.

They do not spray the entire building, only the units that make a compla


This pest problem will forever be there if they continue to only spray a few units at a time.

Also, today people were in our unit. We did not get any notice of workers coming in.

We are making a formal complaint because frankly we have had enough.

On another occasion our unit was left open. This is unacceptable.

I would recommend not moving to this building. The management is beyond terrible.

Isn't it interesting that Management(Sharma) has had renovations (Cupboards, Counter, Toilet done in her unit twice in the last 2 years yet we cannot have a leak stopped in our bathroom.

I wish I found this site before I moved into this place.


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I'm considering moving in august on the 8th floor . I've appplied for a suite already .
Wondering if theres any cases with bed bugs of any sort on this floor ?

I have been in the building for few years and have never had an issue with bugs of any type. The issue's with this building are a lack of competence - there is none anymore. Simple maintenance is not performed ( filter change's heating/cooling system) and has made a number of tenants sick. I spoke with a tenant who is suing the building, my advice is to stay far away!

I live on the seventh floor and haven't seen a single cockroach or bedbug in the 3 years I've been here

Hi ,

I'm interested in moving into this apartment probably this month or next but wondering if there's any cases on bedbugs still ? Aswell as location , is it safe , any good ?

Just wondering if there are any more known cases for this apartment? Was interested in moving in, not sure if a good idea or not?

Bedbugs were confirmed on the second floor of the building on November 3, 2011. The building manager stated that there are at least 4 to 5 cases reported in the building EVERY MONTH but notices are never posted. Cockroaches have also been found in the building repeatedly. The pest management treatments only happen upon reporting of incidents, not as a preventative measure, hence, the entire building has continuous infestations.

one cockroach found in closet. Jan. 9, 2010.

Landlord reported bedbugs being in the building.

Talked to a neighbour on floor 5 and they said they had seen a couple in their unit.

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