18 Leopold St
Toronto, ON M6K

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I have lived at this address for seven months, and have never had an issue with ANY bugs--bed or otherwise. The units are sprayed monthly, which is more than I can say for apartments I've occupied elsewhere. It is a clean, quiet, well-maintained building. The onus is not just on the landlord for bedbug prevention, tenants should be vigilant as well--the main culprit being used furniture brought in from the street. In my experience, this building is one of the better ones out there.

I lived in this building for over two years. This is a very clean quiet building. The landlord sprays every other month as a precautionary measure. No problems from my end. Boris

I live in this building and personally have never had a problem with bed bugs.
Unless you have asked every tenant or have inspected every unit you do not know that there are bugs throughout the building.
Perhaps bringing in furnature from the street or that has been used is the source of your bugs. I'm sorry that you personally had a problem, but to say the entire building has a problem is neither fair nor accurate.

Bedbugs throughout the house and in the whole area. Every week you see furniture thrown away with "do not touch" signs.

Landlord sprays 2 times a month to no effect. Stay away.

I have had the same problem at this address. Every time I inform the landlord that I am being bit by bedbugs I am told that I am the only one and that it must be an isolated incident in the building. Obviously this is not the case. The landlord sprays monthly sometimes twice monthly for bedbugs, this has never helped.

I will tell my story after I vacate my apt. in the summer,have dealt with bed bugs at this address since last year,has affected my life in many ways,the single or triple spraying in a month
has never helped or terminated the problem,bed bugs throughout this building.

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