165 Jameson Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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If management refuses to do anything about the infestation, withhold your rent until they do. It's legal to do so when it comes to having reasonable comfort in your home. If enough people do this, management will eventually do something about the problem.

DO NOT , I REPEAT, DO NOT listen to anyone has to say about this place. This place is absolutely discusting. I plan to remain annonymous so i will not reveal too much information but I can wholeheartedly tell you that this place has roaches/bed bugs up the yin yang. Just look at the number of bed frames on the curb in this area at any given time and that would be a STRONG indication of how many people have suffered from bed bugs around here. I too, am a victim at one point.

As for roaches- t

hey are everywhere. I saw one in the elevator yesterday and have seen a total of 4 in the past 3 days. I just saw one monster 1 with wings in my cutlery drawer as I went to grab a fork. This was during the day, which you typically dont see roaches.

I felt the need to expose this place as the owner is a SLUMLORD and does little to resolve anything

Nonetheless, the person from January post is probably an employee of WYNN who felt the need to upbring this aweful place.

If you can afford, look elsewhere.

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been here since June 2013; have no bugs whatsoever and the superintendent or management, not sure who is on the main floor is quite nice and helpful. The tenants in the building are from all cross sections, Hipsters, families and old craggy people but they are sweet and fun to interact with; it kinda really feels like a "village". The area is of coarse Parkdale which is getting more hipster and cool; owed to live in the Annex but got just toooooo $$$$$$ but the price here so far is right.No

issues with repairs except had my friends car towed as he was parked on Jameson by the city in front of the building; not sure y, think time zones or something ,so be careful bout parking the area..they luv to Tow!

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My apartment was on first floor next to the super and outside my window of the living room was the 20 or so trash containers. My one bdrm was so populated with cockroaches and bed bugs I slept in a shelter for two weeks just to find another place.

Hello, I have submitted the two previous posts below. I am so sorry to the community for lying, I had to re-rent the apartment myself or I wouldnt be allowed to leave so I said they were gone. Now that i've gotten a lawyer I can freely say STAY AWAY!!!!!! this is the worst building and company (wynn family properties) I have ever rented from.
As a student is cost me over 400$ in bug bags, and 800$ for an apartment that is unlivable.
The bugs are throughout the whole building, the super quit i

n the one month I lived there from the bugs
under no circumstances should you ever move here. The bed bugs can have the building, it needs to be condemmned

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Happy to report the problem have been taken care of (they were only dead ones, but they sprayed twice anyways)
am bed bug free!

I just moved in here three days ago and have already found bugs on my bed. The landlady was very quick to act and my apartment has been sprayed. I have found only 15 bugs (dead) now, but will update on if the spraying actually worked
I am in a years lease and was wondering if anyone knew if we are allowed to break the lease due to bedbug infestation?

bed bugs spotted, during a routine maintenance call

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