1458 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M6K

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started getting bites beginning of MAY! Have since then sprayed about 5 times. The bugs are gone for about 2 weeks and start to reappear again in the hallways and then eventually in the bedroom and in my clothes!! The landlords seem to think im bringing them in every time which is of course ridiculous not to mention Im a clean freak. After a letter including pictures and letting them know I would be going to health board next, the entire building is being sprayed tomorrow now.. here's hoping.

Date of post below: started mid Sept
Have since moved.

I'm on apt 2 but so far no problem. Luckily will moving out in 3 weeks because property manager doesn't take action for the bad behavior and noise late at night from other units.

Also they fail to report back when address a problem.

Good luck to you.


Apartment #8, top floor. Had bedbugs starting in mid-August, was fumigated by the property managers 4 times between this date and mid-October. In mid-November, started re-finding bedbugs near the entrance to the front door.

Property Managers will not pay to hire a licensed PCO - they insist on doing it themselves, and also will not acknowledge that it is their legal responsibility to hire and pay for a licensed PCO. Also resistant to inspecting other units if no one has reported anything.

I have hired Orkin PCO and am paying out-of-pocket, will let you know how it goes.

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