1458 Queen St W
Toronto, ON M6K

Found 3 reports:

Date of post below: started mid Sept
Have since moved.

I'm on apt 2 but so far no problem. Luckily will moving out in 3 weeks because property manager doesn't take action for the bad behavior and noise late at night from other units.

Also they fail to report back when address a problem.

Good luck to you.


Apartment #8, top floor. Had bedbugs starting in mid-August, was fumigated by the property managers 4 times between this date and mid-October. In mid-November, started re-finding bedbugs near the entrance to the front door.

Property Managers will not pay to hire a licensed PCO - they insist on doing it themselves, and also will not acknowledge that it is their legal responsibility to hire and pay for a licensed PCO. Also resistant to inspecting other units if no one has reported anything.

I have hired Orkin PCO and am paying out-of-pocket, will let you know how it goes.

see full report...

No nearby bug reports