1251 King St W
Toronto, ON M6K

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The date is OCT 14/2012. Bad bed bug infestation here and many, many roaches. The building's management told us it was clean other than the odd roach when we moved here, but we soon found out that it was crawling with spiders, roaches and bedbugs. Management here has sprayed for bedbugs once, but failed to do a follow up. They are also not offering a discount on rent for the infestation.


Me and my partner moved in at 1251 King St. W, April 2012. We moved in to find a cock roach problem immediately. I don't want to mention that it is an infestation in the unit, technically a whole corner of the unit or behind an appliance needs to be covered by them to be considered that. Various units of the whole building got fumigated in the summer along with having gel placed behind cupboards after a sniffing dog went through the whole building. Now, in October of 2012 we are finding bed bugs

after noticing bite marks on myself. Found them around the mattress of our bed. Disgusted!!!!

It is funny how our landlord mentioned that there has never been issues with cock roaches in our building, they seemed quite surprised when we mentioned it. When the exterminator came to visit our building, he had mentioned that he comes regularly from month to month and other tenants have mentioned to us about fumigation. This is information that all building supervisors should be telling possible tenants because it just causes unneeded problems for everyone.

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Me and my partnet are planing to move in in a few weeks. have there been any recent cockroaches or bed bugs? what floors should i look out for?

I havn't had any problems with bed bugs at all but there is a MASSIVE cock roach infestation in the building. The apartments are so bad, it doesn't matter how many times they spray, there always there and there are ALOT.

Anyone have an update on this location? Am looking to move into the area and having a hard time finding a place that has NOT been affected!

My fiance & I moved into this building way back in 2007. Our apartment was completely infested with bed bugs & we spent 3 nights in a motel while they sprayed twice, because the first round didn't work. I scratched my extremely itchy bites so hard I still have the odd scar on my legs.

I received a note today from the superintendent saying that they were going to be spraying my unit and other units because a teneant below me has bedbugs.
March 18, 2011

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