12 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Hi all - Are there any current residents that can share if the stories of mice/infestations are still a problem? Thanks --

This apartment is also infested with mice(April 2012).

This building is like the helter skelter of Bed bug/cockroach infestation. I had helped a client who lived there, organize an extreme clean of her bb/roach den of an apartment. When we were outside the building and the extreme clean staff were removing her items from her place, 2 other tenants were moving out that day because of bb's. The super "james" is useless. The place...ah...someone needs to light a match.

This Building has change over to the new management in 2009. New Manager is pretty tough with any new Tenants moving in from other places with these bedbug problems. This is the major cause for bedbug to this building in the past as I lived here since 2005 with no problem at all until these new people moving here from other places claim to have problem. We must report to the Manager immediately as soon as we see or experience in the unit as they have professional Team taking care of this.

Moved into an apartment block, and not only was it utterly infested with cockroaches, but we found bedbugs our first night, and had bites the next day.

The manager claimed they'd sprayed, however other tenants spoken with said there'd been problems for a long time and all the property company did was spray individual apartments occasionally - things just moved around.

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