115 Tyndall Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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i have been living here for 2 years and still am. cant afford for other but still trying to move out.

all mice ( the one i love the most out of three) are gone but bedbugs and cockroaches grows more.

the one i dislike most is that the rents keep increasing, and this time it's by 75 bucks.

before, most of the management worker were really rude, so i avoid talking to them and so it became bit better.

anyways, if you are reading this and you have kids in your family then moving here w

ill be one of the worse thing you can do for your family. so if you hate them, then you have found the best place.

P.S. in my 2 bedroom there are 4 human and other 1000 occupying this place and only 3 pays the rent. ALLLLLL the people who wants to lose weight then come, all the bedbugs will do their best to help you.

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I moved into this building and into the 6th floor in 2010. Within 4 months I started to see cockroaches, but summer time it was covered in bugs. I had it cleared but now have to keep the place totally spotless or the bugs come back. (can't even leave trash in the trashcan - its gotta go right outside). So nothing for a few months until recently I start getting bit in the middle of the night. BEDBUGS. I feel like I should hold my rent too until this gets cleared up. Yuck. Wish I could move but ca

n't afford any place else..

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I moved in mid September and was covered head to toe in bites by November 5th. 100% Un-sanitary living conditions. Old management barely spoke English and denied bugs/infestations upon confrontation BEFORE I moved in. (Asian rude management)I have OCD so when I moved in I spent like 4-5 days cleaning like crazy the cupboards were filled with dead bugs and i was appalled I didnt see this before i moved in. I lived also on the 7th floor and my neighbor was crazy. there are sketchy and disgusting p

eople living there and unless you really want bed bugs DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS APARTMENT BUILDING!

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First floor corner apartment at the back of the building has had them since at least 2008. Very bad spread everywhere. It only got sprayed once to my knowledge without success. They came back bigger and stronger and bit every night. They were in every mattress, couch etc.
This building is infested and treatments haven't been working since 2008. Alternatives need to found to fix this inhuman living space.

First treatment yesterday (7th floor), and they treated all my neighbours. I've been bitten since mid-May but didn't know they were in the building and hadn't seen them, so I was in denial. Why don't they search the whole buidlign regularly, once there is a complaint? Someone on the 4th floor apparently had them very bad not long ago. They started in my couch and moved to the bedroom...must have come from another apartment as the building next door (135, same owners and supers) is infested and

new immigrant tenants are moving freely back and forth between apartments in the two buldings, and bringing in household stuff from the garbage bins to fix and redistribute.

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