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This place is disgusting.
My roommate and I are trying to break our lease because it is infested here. We kill at least 20 cockroaches a night if not more. Some of them are so tiny you can barely see them.
It is DISGUSTING. Not worth the cheap rent for the headache you will have to deal with.
Especially with roaches and other bugs I feel I need to throw out all my furniture and start fresh again.

I just moved in two months ago, REPORT: no bugs yet, apartment was ready when I moved in but cleaner left pail in closet and didn't take it back until two days letter..

My roommate and I moved in a month ago and we've already seen a ton of cockroaches and have had to get an exterminator in which still didn't help much. We now also have bed bugs. Needless to say we are now trying to get out of our lease and move out. This building is disgusting and I would not recommend anyone move into this building.

I lived here in for few months and the bed bug made me to leave this place.
People, this place is crawled with bed bugs! don't live here. I had a very stressful few months there.

Been homeless all my life...and I was 21, funally get a girlfriend and start gainung back some kinda worth.
Lived here for a year, girlfriend started to get bit, ignored it for a bit then it happened. Our whole life in bags..everything I knew is gone again great...now been 3 weeks.. I have nothing again ..well airmatress and a quaranterned room I can't leave with an air mattress.
All I can say is don't move here.. Because its only a matter of time before everything you love is gone
Theres no

6477675663, text me if you have questions, because its still happening

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I have lived here since Sept 09; have had a few issues here but have been addressed by the office staff downstairs; have no roaches or any other bugs and have had my unit treated annually by management. My neighbours seem fine and relatively quiet, a lot of people here from all over including students, but never any problems.

I have lived here for year and half already, the building is huge and have seen no indication of bed bugs or roaches or mice, The unit was treated before i moved in cause the treatment paper was sitting on the counter upon moving in. I have become friends with my neighbour who has been here for three years and said he has seen one roach when he first moved in and requested treatment and never saw one again. I live inside the courtyard on the 16th floor and sometimes it can be quite noisy with t

he echoing sounds from below, they turn on the fountains during the day which blunts out the noise but after 10 pm when they are off it becomes somewhat annoying. I may transfer to the out ring of the building even though the courtyard is pretty to look at. The staff have been helpful and easy access to the Landowne stop ( subway)

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no description

I did live at west lodge a year ago and when i heard people saying at the office the they he have bed bugs I got scare and I ask te land lord to give me my deposit back and the i was going to move out trythey triyng to hide the problem and told me the i wont get my deposit back and the they was going to fumigate the aparment and that was it ant i tol them the i was alergic to it and i wont waith to trow my furniture away because when you get bed bugs you have to do that so i get legal help and

i move out i'm glad because i heard they still having alot of problems whit i be carefull if you move there

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Well, we have lived here for almost 4years now. We never had any problems with bed bugs. But we notice a few bites here and there, didn't think it was bed bugs, since i have very sensetive skins and allergies. One day my husband and i where planning to go to bed, and he notice a bite and we started looking on the bed and found a adult bed bug. We have been trying to talk to the superintendent about it and we had to wait for almost 3weeks before they could call in the pest control. The superinten

dant said they get the pest control company to come twice a month every month...but if u think about it..if that was the case, then why did we wait 3weeks? They finally came and sprayed, we had to leave all our stuff in bags outside the balcony for weeks before we could finally start moving everythung back in. The fun part is that we needed to wash everything in hot water and dry everything in the dyer with hot temperature..and of course, the washers and dryers don't work properly and it's not enough hot water on some washers and sometimes there isn't any hot water..even though you push the "wash hot water" and the dyer doesn't even get hot enough, so we gotta not just dry it twice but 3 times just to make sure everything is dry and that the bed bugs that survived all die in the heat. All i need to say is...WTF is wrong with this building? you fix the look of the outside to get more tenants to move in...but don't even try to help the tenants that ARE living here and need to help get rid of the bed bugs, we wish we could do something about their responsabilities and they should pay for all our loss..all the stuff we had to get rid of and buy new. DON'T EVEN RENT HERE!! IT'S NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE!! THEY DON'T LISTEN OR EVEN HELP, THEY WILL DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU SIGN THAT LEASE..THEN THEY IGNORE YOU,DON'T ANSWER YOUR CALLS AND NEVER FIXES YOUR APARTMENT WHEN IT NEEDS REPAIR.

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My 2 year-old daughter and I moved into 105 WEST LODGE AVE.,Toronto,in the area of Queen and Lansdowne, on the first of October 2008. Just couple days after, I notice lots of red spots on my legs,toes,face,neck and arms, and also in my daughter. I thought that was some kind of alergy reaction, than I bought Benadryl at the Drug Mart.
Not getting better at all, I went to see my family doctor wich gave me more medicines but told me to come back next day so he will send me to an especialist. The d

ermatologist told me that was bedbugs bites and gave me more medicines. But I didn't know what was bedbug because this is not commmon in my original country.
I was crazy looking for this bugs and finaly I found them.I thought I was going crazy, I couldn't sleep, I had to get rid of my furniture, matresses, stroller, clothes,chairs,towels, some toys, etc... so many things!!! Imediatly I pack some clothes and move to my friends, so I really couldn't enjoy my apartament... I didn't even finish unpack!
My landlord accused me to bring these bugs to the building instead of helping me.
They send an exterminator to spray my apartament... which remains full of bedbugs!!!
I talked to my next door neighboor and he said he has it since he moved in in November 2007!!!!
I'm sure this building is full of bedbugs!!
I talked to my landlord that I no longer can leave in this building and they want to sue me for breaking the contract.
My doctor told me to don't go back there.
I lost lots of days of work.
I have to look for another place to rent starting in november; meanwhile I was leaving in a room of my friend's house, whith all my clothes in my car inside garbage bags. That was a true hell!!!
My ex-husband went over to pick up my daughter when he notice that was some bugs under the polishing of the floor, it means that the building don't clean before polishing, they just polish over wherever is on the floor.
I'll never forget those days...that was the worse thing it even happened to me. In a short time my daughter whom is only 2 years had spept in so many different places. It was very hard for us. Especially for the kids to adapt to new places in a short period of time, different places, different beds, etc... It's not easy!!
Now I'm suing my landlord for my first and last month rent, for all the material loss that I had and also for all the emotional stress that we pass those days we've been in that building!!!
An inspector for the city of Totonto told me this building has a huge list of complainings about cleaning.
I'm in my new apartament now, but I still getting up couple times at night to check my daughter and my bed looking for those bugs!!!! I'll flight very hard against my landlord because as a human been and as a tenant I have all the rights to leave in a healthy and clean place.

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