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moved into this building in September, great location and the area is actually becoming pretty hipster trendy cool being so close to Queen st and Ossington but the area still has some semblance of an ethnic neighbourhood ; although not sure how much longer. No evidence of any pests but have had my unit treated when they did the whole building and keep my unit very nice. It's a large building with a pretty diverse make-up but everyone seems quite nice. the management has been fine and had only o

ne issue with a neighbour's dog barking on the balcony but was addressed promptly; and someone kept grabbing my parking spot but the parking"squatter" was ticketed and finally assume moved on.

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It is so sad, to come across reads like this, we all know how, and why bedbugs come into our homes, and spread and to bluntly blame others for this is un called for ,I have lived at 105 Westlodge for over 15years ,and as all on here would like to share ,that the living conditions are individual ,people chose a way of life ,I didn't rent a run down apt, or why would I rent it?I leave for work everyday and see the cleaning staff doing what they need to do, but as tenants we should also follow the

lead. Cleanliness is a common sense thing......Management can only do so much without help....Rent increase? Doesn't the rent increase anywhere you live? Again a choice? I have no bedbugs, and the few roach's I see belong to my neighbors whom refuse "due to human rights" fumigation, and this is because I have been to the office and have been witness to request for my neighbors to get treatment and they are rood and simply don't care......If you treat your place like your own ,not just a rental im 100% this would not happen, poorly kept building or do WE make it this? maintenance request are done...at least when ever I have had any they have and in a timely fashion like any other place ...Don't down your home, at the end you down yourself...Bedbugs travel, and come from outside...so think about it friends??? Is it the building ???? I doubt it! have a nice day .

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this is the shittiest of the shittiest building. Fraudulent management and rude management and security guard. I was given a parking spot and didn't have to pay because the management then told me that a two bedroom apartment came with a parking spot. Until recently they decided to subcontract the parking management to ssg or something. They sent me a notice saying i would have to pay $700 for parking or they would begin court proceedings against me. When i Went into the office to speak to them

about it, I was told to come the next day. I took off from work to get it fixed and the lady i was supposed to meet was not in, the secretary would not even help and just plainly said i do not deal with papers. The security guard was just being rude meanwhile saying you cant park for free n stuff. I just need to get out of here ASAP. If you are considering mmoving here, take it from a person who has been and is currently living here, run as far as you can from here.

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I lived at 105, 10 years ago.Same thing.Roaches and bad maintenance. People throwing garbage over the balconies. rent went up also. Even when you paid your rent on time,you still got a note, rent was not paid.

IN EACH FLOOR..........
BED BAGS, EVERYWHERE..................

This is one of the worst buildings to live at around parkdale. The rent is cheap but keeps going up every year. Lots of roaches, and bed bugs and when we go and complain to the super, they make it sound like we brought them here in the first place instead of trying to take action and getting rid of it once and for all. Never seen or heard of bed bugs before coming to west lodge.
So people who are looking for apartment for cheap. Please for your sake, don't go to the west lodge apartments.

I don't have bed bugs in my apt., but lots of roaches! Very low maintenance building. It's literally falling apart. Crappy elevators and laundry facilitates. Very loud and nosy at all times of the day and night. Rude and disrespectful management. Other tenants living in the building are just as bad! Never feel safe coming home at night even though there is a security guard and friends don't feel comfortable visiting. There has been 2 fires since I'v lived here and its no surprise to see a pol

ice car or two parked outside the building. Every couple of months the apt. will smell of chemicals (probably from a drug lab in build) and apt. was not cleaned upon moving in and repairs were not made to things that needed fixing. If you don't want to live in third world conditions with third world people, definitely stay far away from this building. Worst living experience Iv ever had!

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I lived at West lodge 105 back in 2004. I had roaches, but not often.No bedbugs though. It's a low maintenance builing.Both of them. Rent goes up every year.

There is not only a stories about bedbug here.....
There is all kind of insects, and unhealthy environment for me, my daughters, and all the children who live in the same building.
Is the Land of none... Plenty of new immigrant who cannot have the right word to fight with the terrible management and the careless of the Landlord
We live in the middle of the garbage.
I would love to see the Government institution to stop this type of situation here in the middle of High Park and Down Town.

e Police, Firefighters, and the Paramedics, stop every day in front of these two buildings...
And the situation come worst and worst, everyday

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In the month of January we noticed bites, so the apartment got sprayed and we did laundry. We kept dealing with the problem up until August. Evidently we needed repeated treatment but the landlords made us feel as if it was our fault that we kept getting bit, instead of properly spraying the adjacent units as well. Eventually, they stopped spraying and offering help.

The landlords here are slumlords. If you are looking for a cheap apartment, honestly, find a different place. If you are not de

aling with bedbugs, you may be dealing with roaches at this location or some other thing that these careless slumlords will give you a hard time about. Tenants are constantly having problems with these slumlords. Bedbugs are a citywide problem but you need landlords that will deal with the problem properly and not treat you with disrespect.

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Moved in August of 2009. Didn't find evidence of bedbugs until December. I have had two spray treatments, bagged clothing and other materials, but they are still here. I have known a couple of tenants who had problems with bedbugs although the landlords denied the existence of the bedbugs.

My recommendation is that if you're looking for cheap rent, look elsewhere.

Date: December 15th, 2009

Location: 103 West Lodge Ave. Apt. 1423

Details: After living at 103 West Lodge for just shy of 2 years in one of their 1 bedroom units on the 14th floor we started noticing bed bug bites one day. We have never had this problem before or heard of anyone in the building having this problem either. Over the course of 5 days we accumulated multiple bites and immediately contacted the landlord's office for fumigation. We threw out our bed, as well as bedding, bedroom

carpet, clothing and many other belongings to try and eliminate the bugs completely. We thoroughly cleaned and prepped the unit for fumigation over the course of 24 hours. After much research into other bed bug infestations we decided not to return to the unit and have therefore not been able to accurately assess the effectiveness of the treatment. In hindsight we believe our new neighbours brought the bugs in since we started experiencing the bites shortly after their arrival next door and this theory was supported but not confirmed by the superintendent.

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