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We live in constant fear of bedbugs in this building, this is the place to catch them. About once a month someone in the building seems to have them. The landlords won't inform the tenants when they appear (in fact the caretaker refuses to admit that there have ever been bedbugs in the building- try getting any sort of a straight answer on ongoing issues when denial is their main strategy), but the chemical smell of the spraying leaves an obvious residual sign.

Roaches seem to be gone, haven

't seen any for 8 or so months. The multiple year battle with the exterminators must have been victorious, though not for the roaches.

Over the course of the last 6 months the building has had the interior and exterior completely renovated, the rents will now rise. The invasiveness of the project was absolute insanity, leaving projects half done for months at a time, subfloors exposed with nails waiting for someone to step on them. Dust dust dust everywhere always. The loudest noises beginning at 8am and continuing to 5pm everyday for about 3 months straight. We were offered no compensation for the effect this had on our lives, but everyone told us they were really "sorry". When the project initially began we were told everything would be done at the end of September. It's now the last day of November and there is still ongoing construction and daily "we're entering your suite" letters. I can truthfully say that the tenants of this building were treated with no respect through the whole process which, when the building is finished being renovated, will end up making the company many more dollars in the years to come. I feel like the company didn't give a shit about the tenants, we were just in the way of more profits, despite the fact that we were paying full rent to live in a construction zone- inside and outside our apt.

The apts. are shoebox size with 0 storage space. If I were to be able to choose again I would not live here. The only positive part is that the price is (by T.O. standards) somewhat low.

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I lived in this building from 2007 to 2009. Yes, there were bedbugs, mice and roaches. However, we only paid $650 for rent!

Can anyone say that is has gotten better? Is there action being taken?

Landlords recently sprayed the entire building after reports of bed bugs and roaches. Roaches returned after a matter of days. The colder it gets outside, the worse the situation gets inside - they're everywhere. Management seems to sincerely want to remedy things, but the sad truth is the building is beyond hope - it's a problem with tenant cooperation and an old building in a bad neighbourhood for pests. They need to gut the place or raze it to the ground if they expect to get rid of bugs fore

Don't move here.

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BED BUGS BED BUGS BED BUGS BED BUGS . They seem like they care but nothing is ever fixed and after paying for everthing youself no one wants to remberce you for all of the trubles the cost you

At least a dozen rats , More roachess then I can count , broken heaters , broken windows , nothing gets fixed intill that last minunit. over priced rent for shity services that are half assed . Bed bugs bed bugs bed bugs .

I've owned this building for a little over a year and while certain there are insensitive landlords out there, I cannot count myself among them. I fix poorly managed real estate, its my job, and bugs are bad for business.

We care for our tenants and neighbors. Occasionally we come across a tenant that does not seem to mind sharing their place, (the individuals in question have moved out btw) and we try to help them. Its in our best interests. You'd be better served speaking to the superinten

dent directly or asking us for references than read the rantings off this site. There may have been a problem in the past. I'm certain there is not one now.

We do what any responsible landlord should: carefully screen applicants, address issues promptly and never stop improving the building.

These apartments, like many in the area, are going through a process of redefining themselves. Its not just caring management and steady improvements that breathe life into a building, the community inside makes the real difference.

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this building is inhumane!

the owners are just trying to scrape some cash off everyone.. a 400 sq ft apartment is 1000$

If you have several cats you will only need to give them water because they will be steadily fed with the soaring mice population.

Roaches are abundant... aswell as bed bugs, spiders.
There are also tons of stray cats runing in and out since the doors are open to the back of the building 24/7

RENT is way overpriced! they try to lure you in with free internet! F of

f with you b/s net!

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Was looking at this building, saw a unit was really nice but on my way out encountered a tenant who advised me to look elsewhere. He just shook his his head and said "bugs" to me as we passed. All kudos to the landlord but as he says, look at the map, its the area. Once they're there, you can't get rid of them.

WE ARE CLEAN!!! I am the landlord and I do my best. If you read the web about this issue in Toronto you will notice that infestations also happen in million dollar homes, hospitals, etc. Bedbugs are transferred in moving vans as we believe happened with this young lady below. We have treated the said apartment 3 times at the perscribed 2 week intervals. Our building is now once again clean. We monitor this and educate our tenants for early detection. Look at the map and see how many buildings

are infested. It is a horrible problem that is now making a comeback in New York. New pharmaceuticals are required to fight this since the Canadian Government has banned what worked.

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This building definitely has an infestation. I recently moved in and had a big problem. The landlord is very kind and does care about the building so he did try and accomodate me, but after 2 failed attempts at erradicating them I had to leave.

I have lived here since November and have not had any problems. From what i have seen the landlord and the super seem to care about any issues that arise. This is an older building, and I am sure some of the units could use work but the rent is very resonable and I think they are doing a pretty good job. From what I understand and have seen if a bug problem does come up the landlord is quick to have someone come in to take care of it right away.

I moved in September 08 and haven't had any mice or bedbug problems. The landlord has a company spray the building once a month to make sure the place stays clean. Fantastic landlord and super who are concerned and take care of any problems that arise.

I live in the building and I am computer savvy. There were indeed bedbugs in 5 units (out of 26) in this building and one of them was mine. The landlord worked with me and a professional service provider to spray my unit every two weeks at his expense. The landlord even reimbursed me for my couch that was infested.

The super and landlord work hard, even purchasing a vaccum cleaner to help me keep it clean.

The building has since been cleaned of these pests and I love living here.


his landlord really cares about this building and since bedbugs are endemic to Toronto now, I Would rather live where the landlord actually cares.

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I live in 1 Triller Avenue and I can confirm that the building is infested. I suggest not moving in. Sililar to other reports on this page, I felt that the building was well taken care of for its age and location, but once youmove in you learn the real issues. The building needs a serious pest management plan and I do not believe that the landlord or the super has any intention of doing so regardless of the promises they make. I am now suffering from an infestation in my unit and it feels like I

am living in a horror film.

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My best friend (not computer savvy) lives in this building. He doesn't react to any kind of insect bites, so he had no idea his unit had bed bugs. Every time I was there, for any length of time, I would end up with many bites on my legs. One day I noticed a flat reddish bug by the gaping hole in the wall. Not a roach, but a bed bug. The nosy superintendent would not confirm what we knew; this building is infested. Her way around it was by saying "if there is a problem." One more problem to

add to this "desperate for repairs" building.

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My girlfriend moved this past spring to 1 Triller Ave (1554 King St West) and was getting these mysterious bites after a couple of days. I thought they were from mosquitoes or spiders until she researched further and discovered the bedbug problem in Toronto. We spoke to four different people in the building, each of them with the same type of bites. The super is still in complete denial, and believes they came from Ikea. My girlfriend heard that the building owner is only spraying the units

where he received complaints, rather than spraying the whole building to completely eliminate the bedbug infestation. Upon first impressions, the building seems clean and well taken care of, but inside the doors are bedbugs and plenty of mice. RENTERS BEWARE

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