1 Springhurst Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Over run by cockroaches. Bedbugs will be next no doubt.

ive lived here for a while now but i can say that when i first moved into the building there was a different landlord/super and the building was exceptionally clean. there were no sightings of cockroaches. when the supers got switched TWICE during my time there, the problem started to get out of hand. i blame this on lack of proper investigation into the people allowed to live in the building. the quality of tenants has decreased significantly. i have no doubt in my mind despite the small size o

f the building that some incredibly FILTHY people live here. the amount of cockroaches on the floors grew to disgusting amounts. you could see dead cockroaches in the stairwells (and still can, dried up in the corners) and on the carpets in the hallways. though i keep my place incredibly clean, as im sure some of my next door neighbours do, i still get cockroaches in my place which disturbs me. it got to the point where i have trouble sleeping cause i know they were lurking. i even saw baby cockroaches. i had submitted constant notes and complaints to the super to NO AVAIL for MONTHS. i know others in the building suffer too. the super did not provide me with the landlords phone number, which would be the building company. she was rude about it as well. the only option i see at this point is to ask other people in the building to see if they have the same problem and to protest, otherwise move the hell out. if this continues in the state it has, i have no doubt in my mind bedbugs are next.

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I haven't seen any bedbugs, though there are cockroaches on some of the floors in various units. My unit has cockroaches and I've mentioned to this consistently to landlord over the last FIVE months though she keeps "forgetting" to send the exterminator. I know this is a Bedbug Registry though any bad bug is worth mentioning to raise awareness and help protect future tenants.

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